Heaven and Earth (Supergirl #14 Comic Review)

Supergirl goes to the new Super-Man for help with getting her overcharged powers under control, and he introduces her to a new mentor.

Writer: Steve Orlando
Penciller: Jose Luis
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Publisher: DC Comics

What you need to know:

After her showdown with the Fatal Five in the “Girl of No Tomorrow” finale, Supergirl is more powerful than ever. She was able to get control of them to save the day, but she is afraid that she is going to hurt someone. Supergirl needs help.

What you will find out:

Kara goes to someone she knows she can’t hurt (well, not easily anyway), her cousin, Clark. Superman suggests she gets some help from the new Chinese Super-Man. I have to admit that I have not read any of the new Super-Man’s comics, but I did enjoy his appearance in this book. Kara and Kenan have met before and he is surprised that she greeted him in his language. Kara told him that she learned most Earth languages after she arrived. He then took her to meet someone he had been training with, I-Ching.

If you are an old school Wonder Woman fan, then you might be familiar with I-Ching. He trained Wonder Woman during her powerless phase in the seventies where she wore the all-white catsuit. I-Ching had now become the mentor of Super-Man. I-Ching is a martial arts guru and told Kara that she must control her Qi, which was explained as being the flow of life energy in the body. Supergirl is skeptical of this, but went along with the training anyway. He told her that Kenan was trying to boost his power so he was going to Heaven from Earth. Kara needed to lower her power so she was going to Earth from Heaven.

The training was interrupted by a crashing sound from a thousand miles away. Kenan and Kara both can hear very well. A Rocket Red had been shot down over Mongolian airspace and ended up crashing into a village. Super-Man and Supergirl get there in time to prevent the Rocket Red from getting into a fight with the villagers. The Rocket Red did not want to listen to reason and was very pompous. Kara became very angry during the conversation and Kenan had to talk her down. She realized during this that she could control her power by controlling herself. The calm the situation down and escort the Rocket Red back to Russia. They return to I-Ching and Kara was now better prepared to accept and understand the training. By the end of the issue, Kara returned to National City.

Kara and her friend, Rubel are called into Cat’s office, and Cat started to tell them of her plan to handle Supergirl. Cat Grant was greatly upset over Supergirl hiding the Cyborg Superman and lying about it. Fortunately, Cat does not know that Kara is Supergirl. Next issue should reveal the details of Cat’s plan.

What just happened:

This issue was tying up some loose ends from the last arc. Supergirl has her powers under control now. The issue also sets up for the next issue and Kara’s new status quo. Steve Orlando is killing it in this series. The art by Jose Luis was gorgeous and I hope that he does some more issues.

Rating: 10/10

Final Thoughts:

This series is a must read in my opinion. Orlando’s writing is always on point.



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