The Fall Of Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man #789 Comic Review)


The public image of Peter Parker is at an all time low. How is Pete handling the aftermath of his failed enterprise? The Parker Industries stint is coming to a close as “The Amazing Spiderman” series goes back to its familiar roots.

The Amazing Spider-Man #789
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Stuart Immonen
Cover Artist: Alex Ross
Colorist: Marte Gracia
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:

Thanks to Ben Reilly trying to bring the dead back to life from this past year, Peter Parker was forced to sacrifice his industrial tech to contain the deadly Carrion virus. Very few know the truth as to what Peter did for the people. Unfortunately, the public sees Parker tech as malfunctioning equipment rather than something used to save everyone from an infection. Soon after, Parker Industries fell under the weight of public complaint and plunging stock.



What You’ll Find Out:

Pete has been crashing at Bobbi Morse’s (a.k.a. Mockingbird) apartment ever since his industry fell. Bobbi is one of the few that know the truth about what Peter did to protect the city. Before she leaves, she tries to get Peter active and moving. Peter looks like a degenerate and probably feels like one too. As he gets up to go to the fridge, he views a newspaper clipping with the headline “Peter Parker: Threat or Menace”.

Cut to the home of Harry Lyman (a.k.a. Harry Osborne), we see he is dealing with all the hard calls and dealings of selling bits of Parker Industries. Liz Allan is also there, as we see they are a loving couple with a small family to look out for.

At the Daily Bugle, we see Robbie Robertson trying to help journalist Colin with tomorrow’s lead story in the Science section before getting interrupted by unwelcome guest, Peter Parker. Pete demands to know why Robbie, his longtime friend, ran with the threat or menace headline. Robbie has no choice but to speak some truth, talking briefly about a man who let down millions of consumers around the world and employees down. Pete stops, agrees, and proceeds to see himself out. On the way out, Pete sees Colin’s microprocessor problem and fixes/proofs the article. Robbie takes note.

Outside the building, Pete gets hoarded by “Parker haters”. Some say they have loved ones out of a job, had stock in the company, Parker device malfunctions, etc. Peter runs into an ally and scales a wall to stay hidden from the public. He accepts the fact that everyone hates him.

Cut to Flash’s party, Flash and Aunt May are talking about how there is no more Uncle Ben foundation as a result of Parker Industries’ falling. MJ, Harry, & friends continue to go on about how Peter is also broke and down and out on his luck. A panel shows Peter was about to go in but decides not to after overhearing the gossip.


Meanwhile, back at Bobbi’s apartment, Peter is laying down o the couch again. Bobbi returns home to see that the laundry has not been done like she asked Peter to do earlier. As Peter apologizes, Bobbi throws his suit at him and demands they go on a patrol.

While swinging around the city, they run into Griffin, who steals a bunch of delicious empanadas from an empanada truck. While fighting Griffin, the public yell at Spider-Man. The people accuse Spider-Man of working with Peter Parker, assuming he does not care about the damage being done, and how he was not around during the dome situation taken place during the “Secret Empire” event (Spidey was fighting Doc Ock). Mockingbird defends Spidey to the public. Griffin decides to destroy the empanada truck but Spider-Man catches it as Mockingbird moves in and tases Griffin in the nads. The day is saved! The empanadas’ are too! The truck owner praises Spidey, as so does the crowd.

Returning to the apartment, Spidey thanks Bobbi for getting him out of the apartment. The two share a romantic kiss.






What Just Happened?

With Marvel Legacy in effect, many characters and their stories are returning to their respective roots. I foresee Peter will more than likely do more Spidey stuff rather than Peter stuff. The ramifications of the downfall of Parker industries are being felt and will continue to be felt throughout the next few arcs. Apparently, readers are in for a Spidey/Mockingbird relationship. It will be interesting as I do believe this is the first time Peter and Bobbi are together romantically. There were hints in previous stories that she liked him. Dan slot is a master at planting seeds.

Even though Peter is the face of a young man who went over his head, this story was a fun way to bring Spiderman back and keep it interesting for the dual Identities. It seems things are back to the basics for Spidey. Peter is a nobody (or will eventually become a nobody), and NY is iffy about Spider-Man.

While I thought the art was good, I found the lighting dark throughout this issue. Does not mean it is bad, it just was not my cup of tea. The detail was done well. Alex Ross continues to kill it with these Spider-Man covers. You almost just wanna buy Spider-Man issues just for the covers!


Rating: 8.5/10


Final Thought: This issue was very character-centric as to whom Spider-Man and Peter Parker are. His comedy is still intact when he is Spider-Man. It is kind of sad to see Peter treated differently at the Daily Bugle, but there is always hope that something will come around out of Peter helping that journalist. This comic was a joy to read and I will definitely keep on reading for the Web Head’s, familiar, but new, journey. I feel this is the Spider-Man that fans were waiting for since the end of the Superior days.

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