The World Stops (Titans Rebirth #16 Comic Review)

The traitor amongst the Titans has been revealed. There are a lot of shocking events in this issue leaving the Titans in Anguish and causing them to fall apart. The Titans have just lost the heart of the team, Wally West, but will he stay dead or will he return?

Titans Rebirth #16
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Norm Rapmund, Brett Booth
Cover Artist: Norm Rapmund, Brett Booth
Colorist: Andrew
Publisher: DC Comics

 What You Need To Know:

The Titans have been battling against the H.I.V.E., desperately trying to get Karen’s (Bumblebee) memories back. While the Titans have been searching, Omen finds out that there is a traitor amongst the Titans. During the search for Karen’s memories and the traitor, the team discovers that H.I.V.E. is trying to save the world from an unknown evil that is prophesied to be unleashed soon. The Titans friends (Mal and Gnarrk) and PSimon get controlled by some unknown force, to fight against the Titans and “release her.” While fighting, Wally West (Flash) dies by cardiac arrest as he was saving Nightwing and reversing time.

What You’ll Find Out:

The first scene cuts straight to the other Wally West (Kid Flash), who hears someone calling his name causing him to run into action. The scene then cuts back to the dead Wally West (Flash). The Titans are devastated by the death of Wally and anguish and grief wash over them. PSimon breaks them out of their trance, and the battle ensues. PSimon, Gnarrk, and Mal fight the Titans and continue to speak of “releasing her.” While fighting each Titan tries to hold their emotions back, Donna can’t take her grief and releases it in anger going crazy. Lilith tries to fight PSimon while the rest of the Titans calm Donna down. Then out of the smoke enters Mister Twister and The Key (previously fought Titans in Titans Annual #1). The scene cuts back to Wally West (Kid Flash) who runs just outside the battle area where he sees the Titan’s Jet. Kid flash stops and sees Wally West (Flash) dead. As Kid Flash is checking Wally West’s pulse, he looks to see the Titans fighting.

Titan 16 flash

The scene then slowly transitions back to the fight where the Titans are falling apart and are being beaten by their foes. The Key speaks of how the Titans anguish and grief is the key to opening the door. PSimon says ” The door is not budging,” “Maybe we need another death.” Mister Twister disagrees with PSimon’s suggestion of killing another Titan but then decides to give back Karen (Bumblebee) her memories. Those memories were enough to tip the scales and “split the world in half.” Through this split enters a mysterious figure with a mask. The figure takes off the mask, and it is Donna Troy from the future, but an evil version of her.

Titans 16 Troy

What Just Happened?

This issue was overwhelming to me, and it astounded me both at the same time. First, i’m going to start with the whole Wally West (Kid Flash) scene; I felt like it was not needed in this issue. I say this because there was no development with The Kid Flash’s story in this issue. It shows Wally appearing to the fight and in no way helping or contributing; I guess he just stood and watched the battle from the sidelines. On top of that, we were left again wondering if Wally West (Flash) will return or will remain dead. As for the rest of the comic, it almost feels like the fight builds up to the grand reveal of future evil Donna Troy being the traitor. I feel like the issue is a possible lead to maybe another dismantle of the Titans.

The Titans were going through so much conflict that it was tearing them apart before the fight. Wally West (Flash) was having problems dealing with his new heart condition that he was already thinking of resigning from the Titans. Donna had much self-doubt about herself because of false memories/past that had left her devastated. Arsenal was jealous because Donna and Wally started to have feelings for each other. Lilith (Omen) felt paranoid by everyone in the Titans; except Garth; because of the fruition of a traitor, and the whole Titan team didn’t trust Nightwing because of his dealings with Deathstroke.

All of these signs show so much distrust amongst the team that I think it might be the beginning of the end for them. Now while saying that, I am also pretty bitter about how after all this time the Titans have been looking for Karen’s memories and the next thing you know Mister Twister and the Key just give them back to her in the end. I feel like there was a better way to give them back to her primarily because many of the previous Titans Rebirth issue’s plot has been revolving around the finding of these memories. It was like here you go! Memories back, you opened the door, chapter closed, and problem solved.”

Now the illustration of this issue was fantastic. I loved the artwork and loved how beautifully it went with the story. My only problem is the cover. The cover shows Wally West (Kid Flash) over Wally West’s (Flash) grave. I found this very misleading because this issue had very little to do with either of the Flash’s story and mainly focused on the Titans fighting and on the reveal of Donna Troy.

Rating: 7.5/10

 Final Thought: Overall I love this series especially the emotions and vulnerability of the Titans, but in this issue, I didn’t like how rugged it was and how it went back and forth between the Flash and the fighting of the Titans. It felt unnecessary, and like the Flash scenes could have been put in another issue. I have high hopes for this series, and I hope that they don’t disappoint again in future issues

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