Green Lantern V Superman (HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS. #30 Comic Review)

Who would win in a fight between Green Lantern and a Parallax-possessed Superman?

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #30
Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Patrick Zircher
Colorist: Jason Wright
Cover Artist: Ethan Van Sciver and Jason Wright
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

Most of the human Green Lanterns are in space with the rest of the corps. Former Marine, John Stewart is their current leader and Hal is on his way to Earth for a personal mission. Sinestro has returned…Hal Jordan 30 image 1

What You’ll Find Out:

Hal meets up with Superman. The Kryptonian caught himself in the middle of a fight between Sinestro and Parallax. Clark trapped the fear entity inside Sinestro’s yellow lantern ring. Hal scans the ring, but Parallax is absent, much to Superman’s surprise.

A voice screams for help in the Green Lantern’s head. Hal writhes in pain. When Hal regains his bearings, he’s shocked to see Parallax has possessed Superman!
Hal Jordan Image 2

Hal lashes out. He hits Parallax with construct after construct. Refusing to let the creature warp Superman’s mind the way he did to Hal years ago, claiming he’s “The best of us. Our heart. Our hope.”.

Parallax uses Superman’s heat vision against Hal’s ring. They engage in a beam struggle. The creature inches closer and closer. Finally, face to face. Parallax’s Kryptonian powered punch launches Hal a few dozen yards.

Hal is dazed, but Clark is freed from the creature’s control. Though Superman claims Parallax was never there. From his perspective, Hal attacked him out of nowhere. Hal realizes Clark is right. There was someone else messing with his mind. Hal receives another migraine, and a cry for help, followed by an image of some facility in his head. The location of the voice in his head begging for help. Hector Hammond, the most dangerous telepath on the planet.
Hal Jordan I4

What Just Happened?

This is a superhero crossover fight done right. Neither is out of character or treated as a villain. There’s no company-wide crossover event dragged out for a year. It’s just a single, fun, action-packed issue satisfying from beginning to end.

Though there is a short scene of Hal and Clark making plans to go out to lunch and relax. It’s nice to see heroes being friends.
Hal Jordan I3
Even when Hal thinks Parallax is controlling Superman, the Green Lantern admits Superman is earth’s greatest hero, mirroring a scene where Clark said the same thing to Hal when Parallax possessed him years ago. The respect these two have for one another makes it difficult to see them fight.

While it wasn’t a full fight, Superman overpowered Hal and gave the Green Lantern a concussion pretty quickly. I hate to admit, but overall, I think Superman would win in a real fight.

Rating: 10/10

Final Thoughts: Hal Jordan fights Superman in an action-packed issue, visually and emotionally satisfying from start to finish.

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