Trial of Two Cities Part One (Green Arrow Rebirth #33)

It’s the calm before the storm. Oliver Queen is back in Star City after taking down the Ninth Circles Satellite. Queen is taking a well-deserved break before his trial begins with court and the Ninth Circle syndicate.

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Cover Artist: Jamal Campbell
Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo
Publisher: DC Comics

What you need to know:

Oliver has been on a quest to take down the notorious Ninth Circle. The Ninth Circle had plans to take over every major city (Central City, Coast City, Opal City, Gotham, and Metropolis) by finding their dirty secrets and making the cities in debt. Oliver goes to each town to piece together how the Ninth Circle gets its information, and along the way, he meets with every Justice League member. The Justice League sees that Oliver Queen has changed his ways and helps put the pieces together.

The last clue leads Oliver to a satellite in space. Oliver seeks out Green Lantern who takes Oliver to outer space to find the Ninth Circles satellite. What they see is a colossal Space Station that collects information from several satellites giving them intel about banks and people’s dirty secrets. Green Lantern and Green Arrow destroy the space station and return to Earth. Upon Oliver’s return, the Justice League gives Oliver a seat at the Justice League’s table. Oliver declines but offers his services as a rogue operative.

What You’ll Find Out:

The Green Arrow is back in Star City. Star City has changed a lot; new real estate developers are tearing down the old city of Seattle to make it into the new Star City. Not everyone is happy. One man ties a real estate developer to a tree and says “If Big Red (a big tree) is going down this bastard real estate developer is going down with it.” Green Arrow appears, shoots, and apprehends the man cutting the tree down.

We then turn to Moira who is talking to the board of the Ninth Circle. She explains to them that there have been a few roadblocks, but assures the Ninth Circle that she can get their investment back. The Ninth Circle tells Moira that she has run out of time and that they will collect their dues.


We go back to Oliver Queen who goes to Henry Fyffe’s new pad; there we see Dinah. Dinah tells Oliver “take off your shirt,” “You need a haircut.” Oliver complies, and Dinah cuts Oliver’s hair and beard. Oliver admits that he has been a fool for taking so long to tell Dinah that he loves her. The couple gets passionate, and the scene goes to Mount Fuji, Japan.

While Shado is seen praying in a Japanese temple, a group of ninja’s burst out and fight Shado. She destroys them all. Shado hears clapping and out from the shadows, Dante appears. Shado notes that he is alive and not dead. Dante says “so are you for the moment.”. Dante offers to forgive the price on both Shado and Emiko’s heads if she kills Moira Queen.

Back at Star Tower, Moira is with her current lover Broderick. Broderick is in a vat of regenerative salve. Moira tells Broderick to get out and start his acupuncture. While Moira puts acupuncture needles in Broderick, he addresses the issue with the council and how he and Moira were voted out and they had lost. Moira says “No, you have.” Moira stabs Broderick and kills him.

At the King County District Court, Kate (Oliver’s Lawyer) walks out and sees Emiko in her car. Kate demands to know what’s going on. Emiko tells Kate that she’ll explain. As they drive away, Emiko tells Kate that Oliver is back in town, but he is busy catching up with friends. Kate talks about how it would be almost impossible to represent Oliver and win, especially since he skipped town. Emiko show’s Kate to a random house where Kate sees Wendy Poole inside. Kate is surprised and thinks that this will change the whole trial. Wendy Poole’s father is home as well and is seen hugging his daughter. Wendy’s father says he is willing to do what he can to help, but with the people that Wendy is up against, he won’t risk his daughter’s life by telling the world that she is alive.

We go back to Oliver who is standing on a balcony with Dinah, and they both are pronouncing their love and affection for each other. Things then go a little grim as we see Oliver standing over his grave. The word “Murderer” covers Oliver’s name in red spray paint. Kate (his lawyer) shows up and lectures Oliver on his reckless actions by running. Oliver explains that he was fighting the syndicate Ninth Circle. Kate says she won’t take a plea bargain for Oliver. She tells Oliver to be ready for practicing his cross-examination tomorrow before leaving.

Oliver still stands above his grave. He picks up the tombstone and throws it, causing it to smash into pieces. Oliver then hears heels clicking against the sidewalk. Thinking it’s Kate, Oliver yells out that he is going home, but turns around and sees his mother, Moira.Moira 2

What Just Happened?

Everything seems pretty calm in this issue like we’re bracing before the storm arrives. There are few significant events, however. The main points are Oliver’s new change in his personality and Moira revealing herself to her son. Oliver has always been known as a bad boy/playboy type yet, known for being a lone wolf. Oliver changed himself around so much that he even tells Dinah that he loves her.

For those of you who don’t know, that’s a big thing for Oliver. He’s not the lovey-dovey type, so for him to say “I love you” shows that he has changed majorly.

I think this is a new and fresh direction for Arrow. DC is making The Green Arrow a more mature adult, instead of a young, reckless kid.

I enjoy reading how the Arrow learns from his mistakes and grows from them, making him grow into his superhero persona. The court case against Oliver Queen seems somewhat straightforward, Kate is going to battle the prosecution in court. What is interesting I feel, is how the writers are going to tie in Wendy Poole. Will she come forward or remain in the shadows out of fear? I believe this is a crossroad for the writers; they will need to decide whether to let Oliver fall even further and go to jail or find a miraculous way to get the allegations against Oliver dropped and set him free.

On the big reveal, Moira has finally revealed that she is alive to Oliver. The first thing that crosses my mind is what scheme does Moira have cooked up? Knowing Moira, she probably has some intentions to use Oliver as a shield against the Ninth Circle. Moira knows her life is in jeopardy, so her son is the only person she can turn too. I feel this is an exciting direction for Arrow. he’ll see what his mother has been doing behind the curtains of the Ninth Circle, and it will test him.

Dante, who sought Shado out, also brings development to the story. We see that the Ninth Circle has forsaken Moira and now they are going to have her killed by Shado. Having Moira killed might make headway for Oliver to directly face the Ninth Circle syndicate. It will positively progress the story along.

The Artwork on this issue is fantastic. Jamal Campbell does tremendous detail and adds so much that the art draws you into the work.

Rating: 8.5/10

Final Thought: Overall this Issue was substantial. It gave us some background for Oliver and showed a healthy future for Green Arrow. The beginning of this arc is like a sweet breath of fresh air, from here on out I’m pretty sure we will mainly be seeing action or the court trial. Art is fantastic; I hope Jamal Campbell does more with the Green Arrow series in the future.

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