Are you Ready for the War of the Planet of the Capes? (Super Sons #9 Comic Review)

All-out war has unleashed on top of the sentient planet Ygarddis and it is up to our you superheros to save the day. with the help of a few new friends will the young Robin and untrained Superboy be able to find out the mysteries of this planet and escape back to their home world? Find out in the conclusion of Planet of the Capes.

Super Sons #9
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Jorge Jimenez & Carmine Di Giandomencio
Cover Artists: Jimenez/Sanchez
Colorists: Alejandro Sanchez & Ivan Plascencia
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:
John Kent (Superboy) has just been introduced to the Damian Wayne lead Teen Titans, and after a busy night out heads home. Meanwhile, the Titans go on a mission when suddenly intervened by Atom-Masher, Chun Yull and Time Commander, three unknown assailants who easily take down the Titans. When Superboy awakes to knock he opens the door to be met by a very aged Robin under the influence of the Time Commanders accelerated aging.
Superboy seeks to help the Teen Titans and his friend Robin find the unknown trio who caused Robins accelerated age. When the team finally tracks them down they are surprised to find that they are only pawns in a scheme devised by a low time villain magician named Kraklow. Kraklow was discovered to had been visited by an alternate reality version of himself but much older. This doppelganger left a gift of magic clay for his younger self and the memories of many forgotten villains and heroes who he could create from nothing but the clay itself. After discovering that the trio of villains we’re made up of the clay they confined Kraklow and sent him to the authorities, job well done, or so they thought. When Damien and John go to inspect the clay they are sucked into a portal to another dimension.
When the boys come out the other side of the portal they are immediately caught in the crossfire between two unknown girls and what seems like everything else. While helping the girls (Big Shot and Hard Line) the boys find out they are fighting against the very planet they are now on “Ygarddis” who ripped apart the young girl’s homeworld. Cautious, Robin decides the priority is getting home and will only agree to help in order to get more info on the planet itself. After learning that Kraklow must be the key to getting home, Ygarddis and his clay army of villains attack our unprepared
What You’ll Find Out:

Ygarddis the Sentient planet has caught the duo and their new friends by surprise as Ygarddis explains he must find Kraklow in order to open a portal and consume our world like Big Shots and Hard Lines. When the team escapes through a cave they come across the boy’s version of Kraklow who doesn’t believe they can stop the planets massacre. Kraklow continues to explain that the girls are not actually real but more reanimated clay powered by the older alternate Kraklow in order to preserve some of his destroyed world. After a few heartfelt moments between the team and a few very inspiring “Supermanesqe” words by John, the team is ready to battle against the planet, and not a moment too soon.

Ygarddis and his Clay army attack the team dragging Superboy, Robin and Kraklow to the planet’s core in order to force them to open the portal to our world. When the team seems to have entirely lost Kraklow begins to open the portal in what seems to be an attempt to let Ygarddis into our universe. As the boys look on they see Kraklow is actually shocking the planet into what I can only comprehend as a coma. In a final few moments before the portal to our earth closes Kraklow restores the girls to their proper selves and vows to the boys that he has turned a new leaf and will create an army for the next time Ygarddis attack

What Just Happened?
In this action-packed issue, it all comes down to a few inspiring words from Superboy and an interesting redemption story about a character that seemed bland at first but became a very compelling individual by the end of the arc. The beginning of the Arc felt like I was reading Teen Titans which is good because both books have had quality writing so far and it didn’t feel out of place seeing John hang out with the team. John and Damian’s chemistry may honestly be better than the world’s finest just due to their juvenile sensibilities, always bickering at each other over silly nonsense really puts you back in the days of being a child sitting down reading comics. It just always feels right when these two are together.
Tomasi has done an incredible job setting the bar for Super Sons, every issue flowing into each other fluidly with great dialogue and good character use, Tomasi continues to amaze me with every title he’s on. Same can be said for the art by Jimenez, it’ll be hard to see anyone else draw for these two characters after a groundbreaking start for them. with great consistency over every issue, Jimenez has really set in stone the look of this young duo. Giandomencios art also worked wonders for this issue throughout the planet core giving it a unique setting with thick lines and more shadow detail, it gave the shocking moments of this issue a great and powerful look.

Rating: 9.5
Final Thought: The conclusion of the War of the Planet of the Capes was just as action-packed and story-filled as the rest of the series has been. Tomasi and Jimenez never fail to deliver and have set the tone for Super Sons from the get-go. It’s been interesting to see the boys go against more obscure villains such as Kraklow and Kid Amazo, giving them their own sort of rogues gallery that I hope continues to expand and be touched on from time to time. So far these have been my favorite super-bat stories since the Jeph Loeb take on the “World Finest”, and is definitely in line to be one of DC’s greatest team-up’s. Overall this issue is very well rounded, and the biggest highlight to me is the redemption of the villain, giving readers hope we may even see this character again. I can never wait to read the next issue of Super Sons either if it’s due to the epic adventure or even if it’s just to hear Damian make fun of John’s similarities to Superman some more, no matter the cause Super Sons is one of the most fun titles DC has to offer right now and I highly recommend it for any DC fans.

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