Oz Effect Part 3 (Action Comics #989 Review)

Superman tries to stop the world from destroying itself and battles with the thoughts that Mr. Oz planted in his head. The followers of OZ and terrors across the world distract the Man of Steel, leaving time for Mr. Oz to confront the rest of the Superfamily.

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Viktor Bogdanovic
Cover Artist: Nick Bradshaw and Brad Anderson
Colorist: Viktor Bogdanovic and Trevor Scott
Publisher: DC Comics
Variant Cover: Neil Edwards and Jeromy Cox


What You Need to Know:

The mysterious Mr. Oz has finally emerged from the shadows and has revealed himself to be no one other than Superman’s daddy, Jor-El! Ever since his reveal, Jor-El has been having a debate with his son on whether Earth and humanity are worth saving for or not. Jor-El’s is siding with the dark side of humanity and is in disbelief of the good that Superman keeps on fighting for. Other than showing humanity’s true colors, Jor-El is also having to prove he is who he says he is, and like Superman, Comic book readers are having just hard a time accepting this truth.



What You’ll Find Out:

We are introduced to a madman, J.B, and his accomplice, Janet, who both share an eerie goodbye that follows J.B. Walking into the Daily Planet threatening to blow up everyone with the bomb vest strapped on him. Meanwhile, at the Fortress of Solitude, Superman and Jor-El continue to argue back n’ forth about whether humanity is worth saving. Jor-El has the droid, Kelex, bring up screens showcasing news outlets and stories from around the globe displaying a colossal amount of distress and agony. Superman tells his supposed father that he must go to save the people of Earth, and declines Jor-El’s offer to leave Earth together. Jor-El however, seems confident that things will go his way.


Back at the Daily Planet, Lois aims to buy time with J.B. He states he is a “follower of Oz.” Daily Planet associate, Lombard, tries to save the day but gets shot in the collarbone area by J.B. Lois then hurries to present the offer that she will write an exposé in return he let everyone, including Jon, Perry, and Jimmy, out of the building. J.B. Accepts but little does he know Lois is planning to send a message to Kelex for help.

We go to Logamba, where chemical misses are fired. Superman destroys the invader’s launchers and heat visions reservoir tanks just enough to where no gas can escape and be rendered useless. While taking one missed to space, Superman questions “ Is humanity beyond salvation?”. The other Logambans that Supes just saved decide to attack the opposing side since the misses were neutralized. One of the soldiers shown has the OZ mark on his neck.

At the Daily Planet, tensions rise as J.B. Decides to activate his bomb. A flying figure swoops in the building and punches the bomber outside, where he explodes in the sky! Lois realizes the hero is not Superman. Jor-el reveals himself to an astonished Lois Lane. On the street below, Jon stands with his “uncle” Perry and decides to leave to put on his red and blues and leap atop the Daily Planet in a single bound to help. Jor-el assures Lois that he is indeed the real thing and adds that he has been watching. Just as Lois questions about why now Jor-el reveals himself, Jor-el says “He’s here.” And flies out of the building. Jor-el meets Jon outside and again, shocks another member of the Superfamily. Jon’s grandfather says he can prove his identity with a Kryptonian crystal that he showcases to Jon. The crystal glimpses Jon as a baby and a future Superboy with a newer suit.

In the final panels, Janet, the accomplice of J.B., is seen being granted access to a secret building with an immense power core inside. At the Fortress of Solitude, Jor-el reveals to Jon that he has found a better place for the Superfamily to live called “The Bliss”. We see different kinds of people and aliens flying happily with a futurist background in a view from this “better place.”



What Just Happened?

I cannot help but feel the same way as Superman when I read these Oz Effect issues. Is Mr. Oz Jor-El? Is humanity beyond salvation? Why out of all times must this reveal happen now? I know something bigger is planned. I will be let down if the ending is not epic. Many theories are going around as to who Oz may be. I heavily disagree with Oz being Superboy prime, a theory I have read on the interwebs. That theory has no taste. People should probably start accepting the truth about Jor-El.

Jor-El’s character does not seem like an outright evil guy but does seem like someone who had hope outright stripped away from him. I believe his plan involves Jon in a big way and using Jon will probably get Superman to go to this “Bliss” place. This story is prepping-up the major “Doomsday Clock” arc that will impact the Superman mythos majorly.


The art was good, emotion was drawn superbly. I loved the Superman: The Movie missile reminisce, but there was nothing mind-blowing.


Rating: 7.9/10


Final Thought: The same argument from the first 2 issues is still ongoing but then finally broken when Superman decides he needs to save everyone from this sudden hurricane of violence that is sweeping the world. This comic is revealing, but not, and that makes it appealing. I am very interested in seeing what happens in the next issue, even with this issue being the least favorite of mines from “Oz Effect”. Jurgens just captures the real essence of the dark side of humanity. Your reading these comics and your like “oh my gosh, that’s horrible!” But tragedy happens almost every day. The question is, will “hope” end up saving the day?


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