The Rules of Engagement (Batman#33 Review)

Batman #33
Writer: Tom King
Artist: Joelle Jones
Cover Artist: Joelle Jones
Colorist: Joelle Jones
Publisher: DC Comics

Batman and Catwoman are on a Desert Road trip, to the forbidden lands of Khadym. It’s illegal and Batman himself has forbidden the contact of any kind to this area.

What You Need to Know:

In the wake of the Riddler and Joker War Batman has asked Catwoman to marry him. She has accepted, and they embarked on a journey to the desert nation of Khadym. This is a secluded nation that is closed off from the rest of the world, by the United Nations and The Justice League.

Alfred has called a meeting of all of Batman’s sidekicks at the Mansion. A meeting of the former Robin’s and even Ace the Bat-hound.

What You’ll Find Out:

Alfred has been the trusted confidant of Bruce and Batman since the beginning, and there have been few exceptions in which he would break confidence with Batman. The time has come to divulge to the Bat family that Bruce has proposed to Selina, and she has accepted. We see that Damian starts to cry ( an unsettling turn of events), but he knows where they are headed in the Desert. To the one person that Bruce ever loved.

What Just Happened?

In a dramatic Desert setting, we see Batman and Catwoman Trekking the Arid wasteland of Khadym. Knowing the risk and the danger of their actions they travel on. He knows where to find who he is looking for, and has found the information broker “The Tiger King of Kandahar” a man who knows things that are worthy of knowing. Batman and Catwoman find their destination.


A massive Guardian stands before them, but they will not turn from their journey. Selina dismounts to meet him. Flashback to Alfred who is explaining to Superman that “Master Bruce is sadly incapacitated, Scarecrow gas.” And if the severity of lying to Superman wasn’t enough they discuss the legal ramification of violating both UN law and A Justice League mandate.


Catwoman barely breaks a sweat, and they proceed into the cavern toward their quarry. The daughter of the Demon Thalia Al Ghul!




Rating: 8/10

Final Thought:

This issue was absolutely rife with dramatic effects and Storytelling. The art was detailed and expressive, with a good note of humor. I especially enjoyed the goof about the Bat-Cow.

This is a story picking up steam. We can clearly see that the Creative team is working towards something big. The “Rules of Engagement” Part one is a Dramatically fun read, and is reminiscent of adventure films, just with more black Leather in Desert Heat. I am enjoying this fresh direction, and the thought of bringing Batman and or Bruce Wayne closer to being a Human character with emotional attachments is new territory for the Rebirth DC Universe.

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