Days of Anger: Part 6 (Old Man Logan #30 Review)

The FINAL CHAPTER in the 6-Part EPIC story by Brisson & Deodato Jr.! The fate of the world in the hands of a gamma-irradiated child! Can Old Man Logan stop nuclear armageddon?

OML 30 cover copy

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.
Color Artists: Frank Martin, Andres Mossa, & Chris Sotomayor
Cover Artists: Mike Deodato Jr. & Frank Martin
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:

While on vacation in Canada, Logan was attacked by a group of Hulks he thought he left for dead in the Wastelands. This Hulk Gang, including young children, were brought here by The Maestro, a diabolical, alternate version of Bruce Banner. Having sent them all over the globe with gamma bombs strapped to their backs, Logan, with the help of Hawkeye and Cambria, a defected Hulk Gang member, are the last line of defense against Maestro destroying the planet! With help from Puck at the Alpha Flight Space Station, the tables have turned on the villain until young Malakai grabs the last gamma bomb and threatens to crack it open.

What You’ll Find Out:

The issue begins, as each does in this story arc, with a flashback to the Wastelands. This final time we see the Maestro, ushering the Hulk Gang into the portal to Earth prime, with promises of a new life, a better life. Last in the line to enter is young Malakai. He hesitates, as tears roll down his cherub-like face. He is afraid and he doesn’t want to leave his home. But Maestro promises him that he will give him a better life. He takes his hand and together they enter the portal light.

OML 30 3
Back to Now, the Yukon Territory, Canada. Logan and Cambria distract Malakai long enough for Hawkeye to send a concussion arrow between them, stunning them all.

OML 30 4

When Maestro awakens and grabs the bomb, he lashes out verbally at Malakai, shocking the youngster long enough for Hawkeye to land multiple piercing arrows into Maestro’s body. A still dazed Logan isn’t able to stop Maestro from slamming a truck on top of Hawkeye. Thinking his friend killed, this sends Logan into a rage. With a flashback to the death of “his” Clint Barton, Logan lunges towards Maestro who then kicks him away.

OML 30 9 copy

Cambria explains to a confused Malakai that Maestro lied to them and they need to get to safety, but Maestro attacks Cambria, which sends the other children to attack Maestro. Logan returns to the scene and orders Cambria and the children away. The savagery between the two comes to a standoff with both combatants, tired, bleeding, and staggering. Mastro decides to leave, to live and fight another day. Logan finally drops to the floor.

OML 30 7a
Maestro heads to a nearby hidden cave, vowing to fight again…
Hawkeye offers Cambria and the children a place to live but she decides to take the children and find their own way in this world. Logan and Hawkeye decide to walk off the battle and head home, clearly thankful for having survived the experience.

What Just Happened?

Although the ending is slightly predictable, I have enjoyed this arc by Ed Brisson immensely. The interactions between the characters, particularly the friendship between Logan and Hawkeye, has been entertaining. I like this duo and would love to see more of Hawkeye in this book in the future. The ending also sets up the possibility of a return by not only Cambria and the Hulk Gang children in the MU, but of the Maestro as well.
Mike Deodato Jr.’s art is the icing on the cake. If there was ever a more suitable artist for this title, it’s Deodato Jr.

OML 30 7b
An ultra-detailed panel by a Modern Marvel Master, Mike Deodato Jr. from Old Man Logan #30.

As I’ve mentioned in past reviews of this arc, his creative use of panel arrangement as frames for the art is powerful. This felt very much like watching a widescreen film.

OML 30 6

Deodato is the kind of artist whose work transcends the form its produced in. His figures come to life. The composition and choreography, along with the exquisite use of shadowing blend together perfectly. Simply stunning!

Rating: 9/10

Final thought: Days of Anger has been an epic and truly entertaining adventure Logan fans old and new will enjoy.


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