Supergirl Review: “Damages”

Supergirl learns just how evil Morgan Edge can be in Damages.

Supergirl – “Damages”, Season 3, Episode 5
Airdate: November 6, 2017
Writers: Eric Carrasco and Cindy Lichtman
Production Company: Berlanti Productions / Warner Bros. Television

What You Should Know:

In order to save Earth from a hostile alien invasion, Supergirl and Lena Luthor previously worked together to use a bomb meant to spread lead particles into the Earth’s atmosphere. The effects would’ve been unnoticeable for humans, but deadly for the aliens. The bomb worked, causing the aliens to leave the planet forever. During this time, corporate rival Morgan Edge swore revenge against Lena Luthor for buying CatCo. Worldwide Media out from under him.

Coming to terms with the fact that she could never give up the chance of motherhood, Supergirl’s adoptive sister Alex Danvers faces a heartbreaking realization that she may have to give up her life with her fiance Maggie, as Maggie doesn’t want children in their future.

What You’ll Find Out:

While Samantha drops off her daughter Ruby at school, Ruby’s friend Luke collapses unexpectedly. It’s learned that several other children throughout the city have also collapsed and been rushed to the hospital, due to lead poisoning. Running with the tragedy, Morgan Edge uses the opportunity to fan the flames of suspicion by calling for a press conference to insinuate Lena Luthor’s previous lead bomb as the cause of the children’s predicament. Lena and Kara aka Supergirl then rush to Luthor’s Children Hospital to confront Morgan, telling him that he’s sunk to a new low. Morgan reveals that he’s just paid for all of the sick children’s medical bills and that it is Lena who should be feeling low as the children in the hospital are there because of her. This leaves doubt in Lena’s mind, but Kara reminds her that Morgan Edge is a dangerous man and shouldn’t be trusted.


When Kara and Lena return CatCo., James Olsen suggests that Lena step down as head of the company until she is able to clear her name. While both Lena and Samantha initially object, Lena tells them that it is actually a good idea. She feels that with her running things, the CatCo. brand would suffer. She temporarily puts James in charge and calls for a public press conference of her own.  There are many protesters at the conference calling for Lena to be imprisoned. Lena is able to calm most of the decadents, telling them that she is stepping down from CatCo. and will do her best to find out the truth of what really had happened. An angered mother then takes out a gun and fires several shots at the podium. Before the assassin is stopped, James is hit in the shoulder.

Kara and Samantha are able to discover a connection between the sick children, as they all had attended a local festival at a city park. They both go to the park and find a public pool there. Using her x-ray vision, Kara is able to see a high level of lead in the pool. She sends Winn a sample of the pool water only to discover that it is indeed the source of the poisoning. Kara goes to the pool’s storage closet and finds several containers of the chemical causing the sickness. On the casing, she sees a company name. She calls Lena to tell her what she’s discovered. Lena remembers that the company belongs to Morgan Edge. When she goes to Morgan to confront him, he kidnaps her and places her on a plane. When she comes to, she sees several of the lead containers aboard and that the plane is being piloted remotely. She uses the plane’s radio to call for help. Supergirl gets the call and not only saves Lena but the city’s water supply from being infected with the dangerous chemical. Supergirl confronts Morgan Edge, telling him that she knows he was behind it. Morgan then informs her that he arranged for one of his henchmen to take the blame and that she doesn’t have to strength to stop him.


Alex finally gathers the strength to break up with Maggie. Maggie tries to convince Alex to stay with her, but Alex tells her that if she did she would never be truly happy with her decision. The scene ends with Maggie exiting Alex’s apartment, leaving the two engagement rings behind.

When Ruby notices a hole in her mother’s shirt, Samantha takes a better look only to find a used bullet fall from the hole. It’s then that she realizes that she was shot at Lena’s press conference but wasn’t hurt or scarred in the process.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

Now that Alex and Maggie’s wedding is canceled, it will mean very awkward moments between the two on work assignments between the DEO and National City Police.

Morgan Edge is now officially a person of interest on both Supergirl’s and Lena Luthor’s radar. Morgan feels threatened by this, so we can only imagine what he will do now that he feels boxed in a corner.

The mystery of Samantha’s on again-off again superpowers continues.

Rating: 7/10

Final Thought: Supergirl has a very nice way of circling back on storylines previously established to make the present ones feel fresh and new. This episode showed that by reminding us of Morgan Edge and his power play with the Luthor family. It’s a nice continuation of the plot, but it still makes me wonder what other areas have been dropped for a while that have yet to return. Will we be seeing Maxwell Lord again? Winn’s evil father Winslow Schott Sr. aka The Toyman? Or how about Kara’s smoldering cousin Superman? I guess we have to wait and see.

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