Th-Th, That’s All Folks? (X-Men Blue #15 Review)

Together, X-Men BLUE & GOLD must stop MOJO from taking over NYC as a New MOJOWORLD!

X-MEN BLUE #15 (Mojo Worldwide: Part 6)
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Jorge Molina
Color Artist: Matt Milla
Cover Artists: Arthur Adams & Federico Blee
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:
Mojo has come to Earth looking for X-Men to boost his ratings. Trapping them in giant golden spires he planted around an area of New York City, Mojo transports the Blue and Gold teams into scenarios featuring their greatest battles. Danger, Polaris, and Magneto have joined the battle, looking to rescue the teams. One by one they fell, appearing to have been killed, only to discover they were captured and being used for power. With some luck in the form of Longshot, they broke free of their captor. Now the X-Men are headed towards the control center of the Mojoverse, and the maniacal villain himself!

X-Men blue 15 01 copy

What You’ll Find Out:
The X-Men have now reached the last line of defense for Mojo: Magog and his son, Gog, demon bounty hunters. There are lesser demons and aliens with them as well. With the additional spires in place, Mojo is able to broadcast to the entire city, using his power of suggestion to keep them watching while he feeds off of their energy. Rachel informs Jean she is aware of Magneto and is not pleased with this secret. With Rachel and Jean telepathically coordinating their attack carefully, the team prevails and reaches Mojo.

X-Men blue 15 05 copy

But nothing seems to stop the vile behemoth, as even touching him makes one especially vulnerable to his energy feeding. He blocks Jean from reading his mind and grabs her, squeezing the life out of her. Suddenly, he is attacked and wounded on the side of the face by Danger, accompanied by Polaris and Magneto. Tossing Marvel Girl away, He battles Danger directly and sends her flying off with a punch.

X-Men blue 15 08 copy

Under Jean’s direction, Magneto and Polaris begin systematically sending an electromagnetic pulse through the control room area. On earth, the spires are electrified with charge and the telescreens begin to lose transmission. Everything starts to tumble down and disappear at the same time. Even Mojo himself appears in static, like a channel with bad reception, until he is gone.

X-Men blue 15 09 copy

With that, the entire Mojoworld around them begins to fade away; the dimensional warping returning them to their correct location in New York City. Regrouping, Kitty Pryde has a few choice words for Magneto, regarding his faked death and the discovery that the Blue team has been working with him in Madripoor all along.

X-Men blue 15 11 copy

After letting her temper get the best of her, Kitty is reminded by Colossus that it was Magneto and Polaris who saved them all, and it was also Magneto who saved her several years ago when she was trapped in space. Relenting to make peace, Kitty sarcastically points to the witnesses with cameras, revealing to the world that Magneto is alive.
After a few words with Lorna, Longshot decides to leave again, to reclaim his “audience”; the rebels who followed him. Facing an uncertain future, Jean’s team and Kitty’s team of X-Men bid farewell until they fight together again.
Deep in the sewers of New York City, we find Mojo, Magog, Gog and Majo Domo, seemingly trapped in this world, Earth Prime. Lamenting the fact they are stranded, Major Domo reminds his master of plan B: The Mojo News Network. Mojo smiles gleefully and begins to plan his next attack, now on earth.

X-Men blue 15 10 copy

What just happened?
Mojo Worldwide Part 6, the Finale, ends a strong return for the classic X-Men villain. Cullen Bunn writes the character well, with his dark and witty sarcasm, taking cheap shots whenever possible.

X-Men blue 15 04 copy b

Rachel is given time to shine once again, showcasing her more than able powers. I felt she was more of a leader in this adventure than Kitty, and wouldn’t mind seeing her assume that role in the Gold book. Mr. Bunn writes a Rachel I’m more familiar with than the “one” appearing in X-Men Gold.

X-Men blue 15 04 cop a

Seeing Bloodstorm feed during battle to replenish herself, even if it’s her only scene this issue, only makes me want to see her more. I’m intrigued. Jean is really shaping up nicely as the team leader.

X-Men blue 15 07 copy

Danger is an odd character for me to warm up to completely. I can’t find her “voice” as I’ve been able to do with others in her vein. Her attack on Mojo this issue was intense enough for me to enjoy her and I find her inclusion in this book is interesting, but I want her to be, dare I say it, “fleshed out” a bit more.

X-Men blue 15 06 copy

I love the use of Magneto and Polaris. I hope they remain in the cast for some time. My personal love for the character of Lorna Dane has only been heightened by her starring role in Fox’s The Gifted, played wonderfully by actress Emma Dumont. (Check out that show!)

X-Men blue 15 13 copy

I figured Longshot would hit the road at the end, or become the new Leader of the Mojoverse people, or whatever, but I was left underwhelmed with his presence in this story. Longshot can be a great character to read but I can see how it might be difficult to NOT make him come off as some imbecile. I’m really happy with the ending. Villains, all characters in general, don’t have to DIE at the end of a great battle. I remember when death was used carefully, and sparingly, (villains don’t count, they’re SUPPOSED to return, c’mon, it’s a fantasy story!), but then EVERY character has died now at some point, making it moot and boring. The new vogue seems to be, “Bring them all back and let them be enjoyed” and I couldn’t be happier. There seems to be a wave building at Marvel with a good percentage of their books doing an about-face and actually showing their efforts.

X-Men blue 15 12 copy

Almost EVERY team-up story ends abruptly, with little to no character interaction due to the wrap-up exposition (in this case, Rachel) and prologue (the Mojo reveal). I would have liked to have seen some interaction, (other than Kitty’s rant) sort of like how the story started, between the characters, before they said their goodbye’s.


X-Men blue 15 06 b

I’ve enjoyed Jorge Molina’s art on this title and hope he becomes a regular. Many of his panels were very well done this issue.
Marvel should make t-shirts, and wall art of the covers of this entire series, with the glorious work of Arthur Adams on them. When he started on various X-Men Annuals and covers back in the 80’s he was the “King” amongst my comic-collecting friends. He still is.

Rating: 8.5/10
Final thought: An unpredictable ending, strong characterization, and consistently good art highlight the Finale of this 6 part “popcorn” comic. It’s tasty and it makes you want more.

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