Age of X-Men Members Vote for Top 10 Picks for X-Men Red Lineup

Marvel’s announcement of Jean Grey’s newest X-Men team has fans seeing red! Fans take it to a vote and the results are shocking!

Since the announcement of X-Men Red by Marvel Entertainment on November 9th, the X-Men dedicated social media groups have been abuzz about every detail you can imagine. Foremost among the speculation being the members who will be joining Jean Grey’s newest team.

It would be 72 long hours until X-fans would know anything more about Red. In case you didn’t know, in the world of mutant fans and announcing new teams, that’s an eternity.  Naturally, left to their own devices, fans posted one dream team post after another.

Comic Watch, the comic book news and review media organization born from and dedicated to the “Age of” social media networks watched the posts with earnest. On November 11th, member Kostas Sketos launched a poll, challenging members of the Age of X-Men facebook group to vote for their top picks. Here are the resulting votes! (And what would have been one hell of a team!)



This Irish rough-and-tumble X-Man screeched his way up the charts to win him the 10th spot, beating out a number of serious contenders. Banshee’s sonic scream can be used for numerous purposes including shattering solid objects, sonar tracking, hypnotic trance, and flight! It’s clear that fans are screaming for the return of this classic character!



Who better to back up mom than her very own daughter! Just like Jean, Rachel is one of the few confirmed omega level mutants with the inherited ability of telekinesis and telepathy. Rachel has been known to go by many names such as The Hound, Starchild, Revenant, Mother Askani, Marvel Girl, and of course, Phoenix! Rachel Grey goes by Prestige these days but as Franklin Richards observed it is one name among many she will be known by. Isn’t that the truth!



Seems like fans took X-Men “Red” seriously! Angelica Jones was introduced through the cartoon “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends” when the rights to the Human Torch weren’t available.  Fans fell in love with Angel and Marvel decided to introduce her into the mainstream. Firestar’s history is a tumultuous one having been taught by her polar opposite, Emma Frost, and has been a member of many teams like The Hellions, The New Warriors, The Avengers, and the X-Men, (and that’s not all!) With a track record like that even Wolverine would give a nod of respect. Firestar has the ability to manipulate microwaves capable of large-scale catastrophic damage. As such the limits of her ability remain unknown.



Last seen in the crossover event “IVX” its surprising that Hellion isn’t utilized more often considering his general popularity. Badboy Julian Keller who donned the name Hellion as a tribute to Emma Frost and her influence having been introduced through the New Mutants / Academy X period making him the newest mutant in terms of debut to the X-Men on the list. Hellion has been described as an unusually strong telekinetic and lost both of his arms during the Second Coming storyline. Who needs mitts when you can move things with your mind?


Emma Frost

Speak of the devil. Having a strong hand in both the previous 2 fan favs, Emma’s inclusion is almost always a given in any online poll. You’d have to be a “filthy casual” to not know at least the basics about Ms. Frost. Starting her history as an enemy of the X-Men and telepathic rival of Xavier, Frost seemingly turned over a new leaf by mentoring Generation X alongside alum Banshee and eventually becoming an active member of the X-Men for a number of years. But don’t let the knickers and corsets fool you, after the events of IVX and losing Scott, the White Queen seems to be living in the gray these days with fan rumblings of her own, dare we dream, renegade X-team?!



Daughter of Magneto, Lorna Dane has a pretty extensive history throughout X-Men continuity. Often associated with her longtime eX-man Havok, Polaris is every bit as wild as her name suggests. Polaris has suffered from numerous bouts of mental illness which seems to make her prone to mind manipulation. As a matter of fact, Lorna has been controlled by external forces first by Mesmero, followed by Malice, the Worm, the Shadow King, and as a horseman of Apocalypse. These days Lorna is looking after the O5 while at the same time keeping an eye on good ole’ dad and enjoying a huge swell of resurgent popularity thanks to her portrayal on the show Gifted. Thank god her original codename Magnetrix didn’t stick!



Fans were gunning for Nate, earning him the 4th spot on the red list! At first glance, Cable seems like your cliché’ big gun toting, tough-talkin’ character. But appearances can be deceiving. Cable has probably one of the most complex backstories. I suppose that’s just how it goes when you’re a Summers. Having the Goblyn Queen as a mother doesn’t help matters much either. And you know you’ve made it as a mutant celebrity when you get your very own clone.



Storm has a legion of fans so her placement in the pool was pretty much a given. Over the past 4 decades, Storm has pretty much had a hand in every significant X-Men story, often being at the center of it all with multiple stints as their leader. Storm is a goddess and a force of nature to be reckoned with at your own risk! The only thing more dangerous than the wind rider herself would be her fans if you dare talk smack.



This one took me by complete surprise. That’s not to say Dazzler isn’t amazing because she is. But Allison completely blindsided her competition with a shocking 35 votes! Dazzler may look like a walking rave but don’t dismiss this songbird prematurely. Dazzler most recently ran with the ladies of AForce, was a former herald to Galactus, and has put the smack down more than once on one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, Blackbolt! This disco dancing mutant is a cosplay favorite for both women and men and even has her own facebook fan group! Don’t sleep on Daz!



Marvel has heard fans, loud and clear. No Old Man Logans. No not tattoo covered Daken. No not X-23. No not time displaced Jimmy. Wolverine fans want the real genuine article and now they are getting their wish! Logan is one of those love him or hate him characters but there is no denying the massive popularity of the berzerker having appeared in nearly every single movie, animated series, and game since his introduction in 1974. As far as comics, let’s just say it would probably be easier to count the ones he hasn’t appeared in! The original Wolverine literally slaughtered the rest of the competition by a wide margin and secured victory as the number 1 choice for a spot in X-Men Red!

Debates raged on until Marvel announced the formal roster on the November 13th. Hour by hour one member after the next was unveiled to include Namor, Marvel’s “first” mutant and Gentle, the pacifist powerhouse. Nightcrawler, the swashbuckling teleporting elf, and Gabby, one of the ten X-23 clone sisters would follow soon after. Rounding out the roster was the rather shocking additions of Gabby’s sister, Wolverine or X-23, and a brand-spankin’ new mutant, Trinary, whose power and details are still unrevealed.

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  1. Masterfully done! Both visually and eloquently written!! I’ve been so engrossed in news; I missed this poll?!? How?? I do not know, but if you were aiming high, you hit the mark!

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