Millar’s Hits Keep Coming!

Hot on the heels of our previous article which reported on the new Kick-Ass series from Mark Millar, the talented scribe just keeps them coming out with the announcement of an ongoing series about Mindy better known as Hit-Girl which will be penned by Millar himself and none other than Mr Kevin Smith in a future arc!

You would be forgiven for thinking that I work for Mark Millar’s press team considering it seems all I do is report on Mark Millar’s new projects. However, it has to be said that the fact is that the announcements coming out of Millarworld are imminently newsworthy and worth sharing. This is no exception.

In an interview Millar did with he revealed the ongoing series will launch 21st February 2018 just slightly after the 10 year anniversary of the debut of Hit- Girl’s origin in the pages of Kick-Ass and that the first arc picks up where the last series ended and see’s Hit-Girl headed to Colombia South America to dispense her unique brand of ‘Punisher’ style Justice. Millar will be writing this first arc and the art will be done by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz who’s recent work can be checked out in Image comic’s series Wolf. The bigger news here is that while Millar will be writing the first arc, there are some heavy hitters lined up for future arcs including Kevin Smith who Millar revealed would be writing the next one which will be set in Los Angeles. Millar Claims they have spent significant money to assemble an amazing bunch of creators for the project including Frank Quitely, Rafael Albuquerque, Pete Milligan, Eduardo Risso and Daniel Way. Millar makes special mention of an artist named Kim Jung Gi and that every new arc will take place in a different country.

When questioned about the possibility of a crossover with the new Kick-Ass series Millar says that won’t be happening with the new Kick-Ass series being a completely stand-alone story whereas Hit-Girl’s series starts exactly where Kick-Ass #3 left off. Millar further revealed he enjoys having the two in separate books as they are very different characters which make for completely different types of stories for each.

Millar has also started new separate social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for fans to like and follow these two series as more is revealed.

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