No Exit* (Lucifer Season 3 Episode 7 Review)

With a serial killer and a determined reporter hot on Lucifer’s trail, who will end up unleashing the most hell in Los Angeles?

Season 3 Episode 7
‘Off the Record’
Network: Fox

What You Need to Know:

Not too much, this story is a bit of a break from the main plot. If you follow the show at all you’ll be fine, though if you’re looking to catch up on the series, this won’t give too many current details.

What You’ll Find out (Minor Spoilers):

Lucifer is sleeping with another man’s wife! Okay, not too shocking, but this time that man is a reporter and an ace at that. He’s ready to pull out all the stops to destroy Lucifer. The further the reporter digs, the more confused he is. Everyone seems to love Lucifer and he seems like a genuine guy. Until…… a chance encounter at the police station clues him in on Lucifer’s true identity. When the reporter tries to warn his wife who she’s messing with, we find the wife is a familiar face, and already knows about the Devil and his nature. Anger turns to obsession and then to full-blown madness as a serial killer is added to the mix, all of the makings of a tangled skein. Will Lucifer and Chloe find the serial killer before s/he strikes again, or will the reporter unleash an even more hellish plan to get at Lucifer? You’ll have to watch and find out! Twists, turns, and revelations abound in this episode.


What Just Happened?

This episode, like the last one, is more of a character spotlight and an interlude story, and to be honest kind of a treat. This story had that classic House of Mystery/House of Secrets feel. The tale itself was pretty simple, with a few twists and turns here and there. And in places, it’s fairly predictable, but still entertaining through the strength of the actors and their characters. But it also served to remind us who Lucifer is, how he’s changed, how he hasn’t, what he’s about, and how people see him. It also gives us a glimpse into Linda’s private life and how she views everything that’s happened over the last two seasons and reminds us how much she’s changed. In addition to an interesting yarn about human nature, this episode recaps Lucifer’s development throughout the first two seasons, no doubt getting us ready for the main part of this season’s plot.

Score: 8/10

Final Thoughts: The last few episodes have been mostly standalone stories, but that’s okay because they’ve been fun spotlights on the core of the characters, which can sometimes get lost in a fast-moving plot. I’m ready for the main story to continue, but this episode was definitely worth watching.

 *Apologies to Jean-Paul Sartre

Lucifer is based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith, and Mike Dringeberg and owned by DC Entertainment.

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