“Everything’s (Badly) Falling Into Place” (Generation X Vol. 2 #9 Review)

Things are not looking good after Krakoa caused an earthquake in New York! Chamber and Husk lead the young X-Men to rescue civilians and find their missing co-mentor, Jubilee and the students’ fellow classmate, Bling! But time is running out, looks like Jubilee hasn’t drunk blood yet and this might cause major problems for her student Roxy. Plus, the danger of M-Plate being around the corner, lurking and ready to attack!!

GENERATION X vol. 2 #09
Writer: Christina Strain
Artist: Amilcar Pinna
Color Artist: Felipe Sobreiro
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Previously: Eye-boy and Nature Girl were babysitting Shogo inside the bear’s den. Suddenly, the bears stood up, roared and went inside their cave. Nature Girl took knew that it was a warning and told Eye-boy they needed to get back home at the school. Back at the school, Jubilee and Chamber brought Roxy (Bling!) to have therapy with former Generation X alumni, Paige Guthrie A.K.A. Husk about her recent encounter with M-Plate. Roxy was still in denial that she was still traumatized by being captured again by M-Plate.  After therapy, Bling! left with Chamber, leaving Jubilee to talk with Husk about their former classmate Monet St. Croix.

Elsewhere, in one of the darker abandoned area of the subway, D.O.A. dragged an unconscious Morlock inside an abandoned train cart. Inside, M-Plate was feeding off other nearly dead Morlocks. D.O.A. then informed M-Plate that he had captured a new victim for him/her to feed on. M-Plate spoke in first person point of view (M and Emplate talking to each other) about getting a permanent solution to solve their hunger. Their conversation was interrupted when they felt a huge earthquake.

Elsewhere within the school, Morph and Hindsight were talking about Kid Omega, who they were watching sunbathing outside, on the school grounds. Their conversation was also interrupted by the massive earthquake. Being carried by vultures, Eye-boy who was carrying baby Shogo and Nature Girl arrived at the school. They then tried to warn the other students about what was coming to them.  Nature Girl also informed Quentin Quire that whatever was causing the earthquake was coming towards him. Right there and then, Quentin knew what was coming for him. It was Krakoa, who he left and promised he would come back for it. Headmistress Kitty then scolded Quentin for leaving Krakoa behind and forgetting about it, which now resulted in it coming after him and causing this catastrophe. Nearby at the Museum of Natural History, Chamber, Jubilee, and Bling! were saving and helping civilians evacuate the building during the earthquake. Unfortunately, Jubilee and Bling! fell in a sinkhole and got trapped in the process.

Back at the school, Kitty Pryde spreads out the students for a search and rescue mission for the people of New York, who were trapped in a collapsed building and sinkholes.  Quentin implied that he wanted to join but Kitty declined and thought it was a better idea for him to stay in school with Krakoa. Morph then answered back to Kitty and gave his opinion regarding the idea of them being sidelined even on a rescue mission. Kitty finally decided they could join the mission when Broo informed her that there were sightings of N’Garai. She, however, told them to at least follow the guidance of their mentor, Jubilee who, the kids realized, was missing. The students then asked their fellow classmate Blindfold if she could find or see where Jubilee was. Blindfold responded that Jubilee is in a dark place and that time was running out for her. Elsewhere, Roxy wakes up from the fall and found Jubilee conscious but impaled severely by a rebar.

What You’ll Find Out: 

The students of the Xavier School were saving civilians from the earthquake Krakoa had caused. Kid Omega was lifting heavy debris using his telekinesis, Hindsight was using his psychometric powers to locate and lead Shark Girl to find trapped civilians, and Morph was using his powers to comfort civilians, while Nature Girl gave her thanks to an Opossum who babysat Shogo with Eye-boy. They then helped around the rescue mission. Husk was informed by Kitty Pryde with what happened to Jubilee and Roxy and came after Chamber who was leading the rescue mission. Husk was worried about their friend but Chamber reassured her that Jubilee will survive this, and he was more worried regarding Bling!’s safety because Jubilee had not drunk any blood since this morning.


Underground, Roxy managed to pull Jubilee and separate her from the rebar she got impaled into. They then tried to move on forward and find a way out. Above ground, Morph asked Mercury and Kid Omega what had happened to them. Mercury replied that Quire was not treating the clean up seriously and knocked down a wall over her. She informed them that she was alright but Nature Girl pointed out that Hindsight was missing and was beside Mercury before the wall fell over. Morph got worried and Mercury expressed her anger by blaming Quire. Quentin told them he was not to blame for what had happened as it was clearly an accident. Morph answered back and lashed out at him, telling Quentin that everything he does blow back at them. Quentin offended, used his TK to find Hindsight who was unconscious. He then left the group while Morph was trying to call him back. Hindsight regained consciousness and was bleeding. Morph ran towards him and tried to wipe off the blood from his forehead using his leather jacket. Hindsight tried to stop him because he was worried to stain Morph’s leather jacket. However, Morph told him he didn’t care as long as Hindsight was okay.


Chamber then approached the kids and asked Hindsight’s condition. Hindsight said that he was alright and still ready to help out with the rescue mission. Chamber told him that he doesn’t want to take any chances and told them to go back. They added that everyone was already safe and accounted for except Jubilee and Roxy. Hindsight still tried to offer help, however, Chamber was hesitant. Nature Girl then called Eye-boy’s attention, suggesting he use his newly developed X-Ray vision to find Jubilee and Roxy. The two then called Chamber’s attention, explained Eye-boys new skill and offered their assistance.

Underground, Jubilee and Roxy found M-Plate’s hideout filled with lifeless Morlocks. Jubilee heard one of the Morlock’s heartbeats. She tried to feel the Morlock’s pulse just for reassurance but doing so triggered her hunger for blood. She was suddenly distracted by Roxy running away from the cart and slamming the door. Jubilee ran after her. Jubilee tried to calm Roxy down who was having a panic attack for fear of encountering Emplate. Jubilee doubted that Monet/Emplate was around by joking that she doesn’t smell Monet’s expensive perfume. She also added that she knew Monet very well and unlike her brother Emplate, Monet was more calculated and was better at devising a plan. Roxy calmed down and Jubilee expressed how proud she was at Roxy that very moment. Roxy then asked if the Morlock they found was indeed alive. Jubilee confirmed it but started losing focus because her cravings kicked in after hearing the sound of the Morlock’s heartbeat. Roxy unknowingly snapped Jubilee out of it and caught her attention. The two of them continued to find a way out. Behind the scene, D.O.A. was surprised why his master/mistress did not do anything to capture Jubilee and Bling! while they had the chance. M-Plate then answered it was because Jubilee was right, he/she was already making plans for her next move.


Nearby, Eye-boy who was carrying Shogo informed Chamber and the rest of the rescue team that he had found two live people walking below them. Mercury decided to go on first, Chamber was frustrated that he couldn’t risk collapsing the tunnel by using his power. Husk changed her form into something much durable just in case something happens. The two then followed Mercury behind. Mercury, who went in first found Roxy who was carrying the unconscious Morlock. Chamber and Husk then followed and asked where Jubilee was. Roxy said that Jubilee was far behind the tunnel because she was too weak and instructed Roxy to go on ahead without her.  Chamber and Husk then ran back at the tunnel and was able to find a very weak Jubilee who stabbed her hand to a rebar. She told both of her friends that she had to do it to control her hunger and was even proud that she came close to harming the Morlock but was able to control herself. Chamber then suggested that Jubilee drink a bit of his blood just to recover and to help her heal. Jubilee was hesitant but did so. Unfortunately, Eye-boy and Nature Girl arrived at the scene, still carrying Shogo. Shogo called out for his mother. Jubilee who was surprised to see her son, stopped drinking Jono’s blood. Shogo was horrified seeing her mother feeding off Jono and cried out of fear. Jubilee looked terrified and worried that her son was able to witness his mother becomes a monster.


Later at the Xavier’s Institute, Morph who was carrying bags of chips bumped into Kid Omega who looked like he was leaving. Morph asked where Quentin was going. Quentin responded that he was leaving to do laundry. Skeptical of the idea of Quentin doing laundry, Morph then changed the subject by asking forgiveness to what he did earlier. Kid Omega shrugged it off and told Morph he had moved on from that incident and then left. Morph then went inside Hindsight’s room handing over the bag of chips he brought for the both of them. Morph told Hindsight he was worried about Kid Omega. Hindsight told him that maybe Quentin just needed some time to cool off. Hindsight then opened up to Morph about their current relationship, that he knew and noticed Morph making a move at him. He then further explained his fear with his powers and how it always destroyed the past relationships he had. He added that after he touched and saw a person’s past he ended up judging them and that he became harder to read. He was afraid that it might happen again if he was together with Morph. Since he was terrified of losing Morph, he friend-zoned him just so their relationship wouldn’t end up a mess.  Disappointed, Morph understood and accepted what Hindsight shared.

Outside the school, Nature Girl found Kid Omega hopping on to Krakoa’s hand leaving. She stopped them for a while and asked Quentin where he was headed off to. Kid Omega asked if it mattered and if she would even stop him. Nature Girl then answered by asking him, why would she. Quentin disappointed, proceeded to leave with Krakoa.

What Just Happened?

This issue was definitely the best so far in the series! I was impressed on how Christina Strain worked her magic in writing these characters and show off all the new skills these kids had developed during the previous issue. Yes, all that character development and sub-arcs were worth it. I enjoyed looking at Hindsight using his powers confidently to find people who were trapped inside collapsed buildings to Eye-boy using his new x-ray vision to find Roxy. Although there were no fight scenes, it was still exciting to see each, and every character displays their powers in a different circumstance.

Aside from that, I love how Chamber was leading and commanding the Xavier Institute students in the rescue mission. I would say he could potentially become a great field leader for the X-Men. Another thing I enjoyed about this issue was Husk finally back in action! She did not do much this issue; however, I am still pleased that she is getting more focus in the book.  Another highlight was when Morph lashed out at Kid Omega after Hindsight went missing due to Quire’s recklessness. It was entertaining to see Kid Omega get hurt/ affected at what Morph had to say to him. After what they’ve been through together, and seeing how Strain had developed a brotherly relationship between these two. Also, how newcomer Hindsight is also sort of part or their friendship (yeah, we know Hindsight doesn’t like Quire too.) Plus, how Pinna drew that moment when Morph wiped off blood from Hindsight’s forehead gave off a lot of their chemistry.

I think the crème de la crème in this issue was Jubilee and Roxy’s side of the story. It was made clear that Roxy was indeed traumatized and afraid of encountering M-Plate again. Plus, the struggle that Jubilee had endured to control her hunger and at the same time lose blood from her injury. It looked sad yet interesting that she had to constantly torture herself to distract herself from harming Roxy or the injured Morlock. Plus, that moment when Shogo had to witness his mom feed off Chamber and Jubilee feeling shocked her son had to see it was heartbreaking. I am not sure if that was Strain’s intention, but it gave me some feels. Especially now that we know Jubilee has been developing fears (or insecurities?) of becoming a monster (due to her turning into a vampire) and potentially harming the kids and her son.

It was also good to see that M-Plate (more on Monet’s side) was being more calculated again, and the fact that Jubilee mentioned it. But other than that, there is still nothing much else new about the villain (that we know so far of course.) Lastly, Quire departing (or running away) from the school, which clearly show a sensitive side of his character. I kind of feel bad for the guy and how everybody just doesn’t give much care about him, except Benjamin, who recently lashed out at him. Plus, based on how it was written, it was kind of obvious that Quire had wanted Lin to maybe stop him from running away, so it kind of felt bittersweet to see him leave and proved a point that no one cared for him at all.

Now let us focus on the elephant in the room, Pinna’s art. I actually liked his style now, I see great improvements and he delivered pretty well on this issue. It’s not a drastic change of style, but I must give the guy credits for listening to the fans and improving his craft. To be honest, I don’t think his style is that bad, I always thought that it had its own charm. As what I’ve mentioned and will always believe, art is subjective. So, I am looking forward to the witness the development of his art style.  Regarding Sobreiro’s colors, I have also noticed that his coloring has greatly improved too. Comparing it to the 1st issue I could see that he now knows how to set up a certain ambiance to a certain scene. This also meant that his coloring is not as flat as it used too.

Things are getting interesting and I am excited for what Christina Strain has in store for us. Especially when the Legacy event for this series starts on the next issue, plus a tease of another original unnamed Generation X alumni (aside from Husk) is coming back to join the battle to save Monet.


  • Strain is now finally getting thing heated up, story-wise
  • Pinna’s art is improving
  • All character development in previous issues were utilized pretty well in this issue
  • Awesome cover art done by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson!


  • I might be biased but I don’t think there was any bad thing in this issue. (I know most fans are still not into Pinna’s art style, but I am giving him credit this time for doing his effort in listening to fans and improving his craft)

Rating: 9.8/10

Final Thought:
This issue was the best in the series so far. Whether you’re a fan of the original series or a newcomer, you’ll enjoy this issue. With how Strain worked magic on the chemistry of each the characters’ development, how she was able to blend out the lovable losers’ new skills, how it gave an interesting light to the book, add in the slow return of some of the original Generation X characters and Pinna’s art style improvements. The all-new Generation X series is finally starting to become one of the must-read series in the current RessurXion line.

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