Studio Ghibli’s Creator Hayao Miyazaki’s Return From Retirement!


In the latest news from Studio Ghibli, we hear that Hayao Miyazaki will be coming out of his retirement to work on one final film.

Hayao Miz

Miyazaki is the creative mind behind the widely popular “Princess Mononoke” and “Spirited Away”, which Holds the distinction to be the first Anime Film to win an Academy Award (Best Animated Film 2001). Miyazaki retired officially in 2013 and the Studio has been run since by his son Goro.

The story has been confirmed, this will be an adaptation of  a story by Genzaburo Yoshino titled “Kimitachi wa Dou Ikiru ka” or the Translation “How do you Live?”  or “How are you Living?”. This film is said to be a touching story of a young boy and the relationship with his Uncle who cares for him. Hayao decided to work on this project, after feeling a very personal connection to the book, and his relationship with his Grandson.

Miyazaki tells us that,“It will take three to four years to complete the anime”. The Creator will be 80 years old when this is completed, but we can look forward to the release of the new children’s’ show “Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter” that is available to Stream on Amazon this year.


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