Totally Awesome No More, Prepare for World War Hulk II!!

Totally Awesome no more, this March, Amadeus Cho will let his rage engulf the planet! Writer, Greg Pak, will welcome artist, Carlo Barberi, along for a journey into World War Hulk II.  Join the battle for Earth with INCREDIBLE HULK #714 in March as Pak and Barberi spark World War Hulk II!  

Greg Pak is playing for keeps when he returns Amadeus Cho to Earth, enraged, and no patience for those that have stood in his way before.  Surviving on the savage world of Sakaar,  Cho embraced his darkest impulses, unleashing the beast! Returning to Earth, now The Hulk is running the show, and much like the Banner-Hulk old of days pas, this Hulk is totally unpredictable, and rumored to be more unconquerable than any version of the Hulk we’ve seen to date! [Weapon H?]  Marvel heroes must “intercede as the former Totally Awesome Hulk begins to carve his own path across the world” according to  Editor, Tom Brevoort.  Apparently, his adventures on Sakaar and those shared with the original Hulk in their GENERATIONS adventure have left an Amadeus without restraint and he doesn’t refrain from unleashing chaos on Earths people!


Will the forces of the The Black Panther, the Champions, and Alpha Flight be enough to curb the green beast unchained, enraged, and prepared for raw destruction?

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