Find or be found (Kill or be Killed #14 comic review)

Find or be found (Kill or be Killed 14 comic review)
*Harsh language ahead in pictures*

Dylan has been tasked with killing one evil person a month by a demon, probably. He has started getting pretty good at it, and has caught the attention of people, the police, and the Russian mob! Now Dylan must stop the Russians before they find him or the people he loves.

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Sean Phillips
Publisher: Image Comics

What You Need to Know:

Dylan tried to kill himself, but survived, a demon reveals it saved him, for a price. Dylan must kill one evil person a month or die. Meanwhile, Dylan has begun dating his best friend despite his roommate’s protests. Dylan’s habit has resulted in the death of a half dozen people or so at this point, and the police are catching on, as is the Russian mob, whom Dylan has been focusing on. The demon goes away and Dylan starts to think he imagined it all, but why is he still killing people? The mob has been asking around Dylan’s college, and have somehow figured out his girlfriend’s name.

What You’ll Find Out: 

We find our hero storming a Russian brothel, as has been shown several times throughout the series, finally happening for real. As he leaves, leaving a trail of gore in his wake, the Russians are cleaning house to cover up the brothel before the police arrive, when they find a jacket on the roof, in it, they find the addresses of all the other brothels they have.


Turns out this is part of Kyle’s plan, he wants the Russians to send all their guards to the brothels, he’s after the big fish. Kyle is going to the Russian bosses house.

After a brief awkward conversation between Kyle and his roommate, Mason, (Kyle is dating the roommate’s ex, Kira, drama ensues) in which his he asks Dylan not to bring Kira around their apartment. Dylan doesn’t appreciate it and refuses angrily. Dylan leaves, he’s got a mob boss to kill.


Dylan reaches the mob bosses estate, his efforts have paid off and there are only two guards, he slips in easily and unnoticed. He comes upon the mob boss (never mentioned by name) near a fireplace in a bathrobe, he calls Dylan by name, they dug too deep. Dylan fires, flinging the mob boss into the fireplace, Dylan runs as he burns.

Dylan returns to Kira, who reveals she’s been investigating Dylan’s brother, Dylan tunes her out and drifts into thought. He snaps out of it when he hears her mention Dylan’s brother saw a demon too. He looks up to see the face of the demon looking back at him.


What Just Happened?


Holy crap they finally went full circle to the opening scene in the first issue!! I have always loved Brubaker’s style, and this issue is no exception. I love that they’re exploring the ramifications of Dylan’s actions, I don’t think he’s out of the woods yet.

I thought the return of the demon was perfectly timed, as I was just starting to think he was gone for good. I’m glad he’s back.


Sean Phillips has done consistently great work this series, his style greatly compliments the story. I love the layouts of the action scenes. Its no wonder he and Brubaker have done so much work together.

Rating: 9 /10
Final Thought: 

I love this series, its been building up so well, I can’t wait for the next issue. The demon is back!

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