The Best of All Possible Worlds (Violent Love #10 Special Exclusive Preview) 

Comic Watch presents a very special pre-release review of the spectacular finale of  Frank Barbiere’s true crime series, Violent Love.

Daisy Jane was a sweet intelligent college student until the day her world was burned down before her. As she watched her father reduced to cinders in front of her a fire began to kindle within her soul, she would not rest until she made Johnny Nails pay.

Title: Violent Love #10
Writer: Frank J. Barbiere
Artist: Victor Santos
Publisher: Image Comics

What you need to know:

Every man Daisy Jane has ever known has let her down or died trying, the only man she ever loved is dead. She’s been tracking the man responsible for years and she’s finally found him, the man who started the entire grisly process, it’s time to make him suffer.

What you’re about to find out:

1987, Daisy stands across the desk from Jonah Newman, AKA Johnny Nails, her eyes shining with fury at finally being face to face with her long ago tormentor. In her mind she sees the faces of everyone she lost along the way, now its time to talk.

What just happened?

This was an amazing conclusion to the series I’m blown away! Multiple plot points are brought together to bring this story to a satisfying conclusion where so many limited series tend to stumble, the finale has heart, blood, and maybe a few tears. I couldn’t be happier with the culmination of this series!

The art in this series has been consistently incredible, from Daisy’s big green eyes to the embedded flashback scenes everything had an almost noir feel while maintaining the grit of an old western revenge story. Kudos to the artist Victor Santos.

Honorable mention: Daisy’s big green eyes have been a recurring image in this series, I love seeing them on her as an older woman with the same fire she had as a young girl.

Rating: 10/10

Final Thought:
This was an incredible finish to a great series, I would recommend this series to anyone! Special thanks to Frank Barbiere and Image comics. The final issue of Violent Love comes out December 6th, 2017.

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