Going Primal (Royals #11 Comic Review)


The Inhuman Royal family is no more after Medusa destroyed the terrigen mists that created the Inhumans no more can be created. Furthermore, the royal family has been further split up by the treachery of Black Bolt’s insane brother Maximus, Black Bolt himself has been imprisoned in Maximus’ place in an unknown location in the stars. Now the remaining royal family (plus Maximus) are journeying across the universe in search of the creators of the Kree, the universal ancestors, the Progenitors, and the Primagen mist the legends say they possess. A prophecy has foretold of this journey, it says 7 will go, 6 will return.

Title: Royals #11
Writer: Al Ewing
Artists: Javier Rodriguez and Kevin Labranda
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What you need to know:

The Royals (Medusa, Crystal, Gorgon, Swain, Flint, and Maximus) and Marvel Boy (Noh-varr) have arrived on the progenitor homeworld, the cradle of life for the Inhumans, the Kree, and the Universal Inhumans. After a fight with a progenitor the size of a skyscraper, the Inhumans are reeling with the volume of information they have received, meanwhile, Flint is still experiencing the after-effects of touching a sky spear on the Universal Inhuman homeworld. A device that appears to amplify Inhuman abilities while downloading a type of higher understanding directly into the subject’s mind. The group heads out into the unknown in search of Primagen, their queen is dying and they hope it can save her.

What You Will Find out:

Five thousand years from now: Maximus, the last Inhuman, and Noh-varr the accuser (a much older marvel boy) stand in a dome in devastated Manhattan, 50 centuries in the future, the stand and watch as a ship descends, the Progenitors have arrived on earth.

Now: The group travels across a computerized mind the size of a city via a progenitor transport ship they took from the progenitor they killed last issue in search of the Primagen. Flint controls the ship using his enhanced abilities he obtained from touching the sky spear. Medusa expresses concern at the rate he is changing, a crystalline structure is now covering almost half his body, and seems to be spreading rapidly, he reassures her he’s never felt better, and heads towards a giant structure. 

As they draw closer all the Inhumans begin to feel a pull drawing them towards the building, the Primagen is calling them home. Inside the building is a giant tuning fork, humming with energy. As Medusa doubles over in pain two new Progenitors burst in, giant and destructive, they turn towards the perceived threats and advance.

The team is hopelessly outgunned, Swain runs to the tuning fork, touching the sky spear amplified Flint’s power considerably. She touches it.

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What just happened?

Plot: The Inhumans have reached their goal, now that they have reached the Primagen they have the means to travel home victorious, the story has moved quickly and been told well, I’m not as well read on the Inhumans as I might like and I’ve been able to follow it and found it very interesting, definitely a solid book.

Art: Javier Rodriguez does a fantastic job on this issue, the Progenitor homeworld is reminiscent of the Jack Kirby style the Inhumans are steeped in, although interestingly it also reminds me of the xenomorph homeworld depicted by Denis Bouveaus in the second Aliens mini or maybe Alien earthwar, think it’s the green, might just be me. Both are compliments.

Rating: 9/10

Final Thought: An excellent entry in a good series, excited for next issue.

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