First Watch: All New Wolverine – Gabby Finally Gets Her Code-Name

The cloned sister of Laura Kinney has been following and helping her on her adventures for some time now. She’s developed the skills, but has been missing a pivotal factor for being a card-carrying superhero, a cool code-name.

Warning, spoilers ahead for All New Wolverine #28 by Tom Taylor, Juann Cabal, Nolan Woodard and Cory Petit on sale now. The family team has been on the run from the mysterious Orphans of X, a group made up of victims of the Adimantium mutant family of Wolverines and similar mutants. They have fished out the location of and acquired the sacred Muramasa blade, capable of stopping their trademark healing factor. This is bad news for Logan’s offspring and they are on the run from the fanatics. Daken is shot with a Muramasa coated bullet that Gabby digs out of the sand as they are rescued by the X-Jet. Upon realizing what they are dealing with, they need to cut the affected flesh out of Daken so he can heal. When they discover there is no one piloting the jet but the sentient Danger, Gabby decides she needs a code-name. Surprisingly, Daken is the one to give it to her, possibly showing some true sentiment for his partial relative.


There you have it folks, a new addition to the Wolverine family and what a sweet fit it is, as they are known for their thick skin and ferocious defensive capabilities.

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