Sloane Leong to release Prism Stalker this March

Writer and artist Sloane Leong (From Under Mountains) will launch Prism Stalker this March with Image Comics. A bio-punk series, the sci-fi book is aiming at fans of Octavia Butler, David Cronenberg, and Sailor Moon.

“PRISM STALKER is a story that I’ve carried close to my heart for a long time,” said Leong. “It’s changed over time, as I have, and has become something that’s given back to me, nurtured, surprised, and challenged me in different forms.

… This is what I love to read, and these are the kinds of comics I want to make: challenging the dominant paradigms and cultural hierarchies, letting differing visions of the future clash and play, creating endless potential, and threading the past into the present and future: a quantum indigenous futurism.”

The book features trippy visuals with eye-popping color sure to make it stand out on the shelves.


Praise for Prism Stalker:

“Weird, beautiful, and bursting with ideas, PRISM STALKER is modern science fiction with much to say and an incredibly exciting way of saying it.” —Jamie McKelvie (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE)

“Leong is a favorite of mine. Her work is dynamic, bizarre and beautiful.” —Kelly Sue DeConnick (BITCH PLANET)

“Sloane Leong speaks with one of the most exciting and fresh new voices in comics. PRISM STALKER is a bold declaration.” —Matt Fraction (SEX CRIMINALS)

Prism Stalker hits stores March 2018.  

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