First Watch: Bloodshot #4 Preview – The Book of Revenge

Here we dig deep into the psyche of a new nemesis for Ray Garrison, Rampage. An enemy that has evolved from a program to alter Bloodshot into its own sentient life form. It couldn’t have picked a more suitable host as we find out in Bloodshot: Salvation #4

Today in comic stores you can get your hands on Bloodshot: Salvation #4 The Book of Revenge. The story about a boy that had nothing except his brother and a father that imbued his wrath upon them, igniting a family feud that would fuel the monster within. Add the same robotic nanites used in Bloodshot and you’ve got all the key elements to make a cold, calculating monster of a weapon, the other side of the coin. How much damage will this sinister foe cause? What will be the cost to our hero in the end emotionally and physically? We have a sneak preview just for you.


Bloodshot: Salvation #4 The Book of Revenge is out December 13, 2017.
Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Mico Suayan
Cover A by Mico Suayan (OCT171910)
Cover B by Juan José Ryp (OCT171911)
Cover C by Khari Evans (OCT171912)
Variant Cover by Roberto De La Torre (OCT171913)
Bloodshot Icon Variant by Cully Hamner (OCT171914)

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