First Watch: BREAKING Hack Gives Snyder Cut Fans False Hope


Are we getting a Snyder cut? Petition signers who signed a petition (including me!) might have thought so this morning when an email simply saying victory went out. Although Warner Brothers have said the theatrical cut of Justice League is as far as they will go, a petition went out the day Justice League dropped for the version we were teased in trailers. Original director Zack Snyder departed the film about midway through in the wake of personal tragedy, the movie was finished by director Joss Whedon.


Although Whedon was originally stated to only be doing final editing it was very obvious upon watching the movie that he reshot a lot more than the studio stated originally. (initially stated to be as low as 10% of the movie) Most telling was the absence of at least 80% of the footage from the first and second trailer, and the introduction of large amounts of humor and subplots (the nameless family that is in peril the whole movie and later saved by Flash is definitely a Whedon creation)


Additionally, the reshoots came with another price, being shot in midsummer only gave the CGI team a couple months to effect some major changes, including cutting out Henry Cavill’s mustache, many of which have already become infamous in their own right.


The day the film came out, me and almost everyone I know signed a petition to get the cut of Justice League we were promised, the one we deserve.

Today (a petition site) emailed me the following email with no other text-

Unfortunately, this email is a joke, some internet troll hacked into the petition list and emailed out false information. The email does not appear to be directly malicious when instead just exists to annoy people. Neither Warner Brothers nor has issued any statement in regards to the hack. Comic Watch will be releasing updates as they unfold. The petition is still live and can be signed here.

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