Meet The X-O Man-Hunters! Preview of X-O Manowar # 10

X-O Manowar #10
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artists: Renato Guedes
Publisher: Valiant Comics

You do not ascend the throne , without making some enemies along the way. Aric of Dacia will learn this the hard way, when a gang of Aliens comes gunning for the Emperor of Gorin.

What You Need to Know:

In the newest story arc of  Matt Kindt and Renato Guedes’ X-O Manowar, we have a Clandestine meeting during a Prison Break. It seems that a Group of the finest trackers in the Galaxy have been commissioned to extract revenge on Aric of Dacia, and it’s time to get the band back together. Looks like an opening scene from Oceans 11 or more recently The Suicide Squad, as we see the characters escaping their Space Prison.

X-O manwar image 1

When you mix a good old fashion heist premise with Intergalactic Political Intrigue, you will no doubt come up with a formula for a great story! In the spirit of The Guardians of The Galaxy, we have a group of exceptional characters looking to gain their revenge and make a few Space Bucks along the way.

Check Out X-O Manowar #10 from Valiant Comics!

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