Keep Your Friends Close, And Your Enemies Closer (Daredevil #596 Review)

Daredevil #596
Writer: Charles Soule
Artists: Stefano Landini
Cover Artist: Dan Mora and Juan Fernandez
Colorist: Matt Milla
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Daredevil is NYC Public enemy number One! And after Daredevil loses his temper with the new Mayor of New York City, Wilson Fisk, Matt Murdock has been tasked with indicting the Super Hero Community, Especially Daredevil.

What You Need to Know:

Having Recently returned from a trip to China, to assist his protege Blindspot, Matt returns home to find that Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin, has been elected the new Mayor of New York City.

Matt is convinced that he rigged the election, but cannot convince his Boss the District Attorney, that they should pursue an investigation. To add salt to the wound The mayor has requested Matt Murdock, to start an indictment of the local Superhero community.

The Chess Game Between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk Continues, as Matt is put in the proverbial Rock and a Hard Place scenario by the Former Kingpin of Crime!

What You’ll Find Out:

Daredevil is in some serious trouble. The entire NYPD is after him, and after he broke a window in the mayor’s office, it’s personal. We get to see and hear the police chasing Daredevil from various perspectives of Police Officers.

“Daredevil? You Ever seen him Fight?”  “Nah, You?”  “Yeah, Unfortunately.”



The Police state that it has become a matter of pride to take Daredevil in now. They chase him all across the city and are closing in in a Helicopter. Matt was sloppy, Unprepared, and underestimated the Police. They know his enhanced Senses and Blast him with a Sonic cannon!


What Just Happened?

Blasted with pure sound, Daredevil is off balance and unsteady as he runs from his pursuers. The News documents the chase, and we see Daredevil is taking a large amount of non-lethal ammunition and is exhausted and nearly captured several times.

Desperate for an escape, Matt calls in a favor to make is escape.


Daredevil leads the Police to a Viaduct where they expect he will be cornered. Just then Daredevil Appears out of nowhere atop Radio City Music hall. The Police Converge and as they are drawn away, sure that they got him, he disappears!

We see that Matt called his Friend Blindspot, who has the power of an Invisible Suit( See Issue #28) to draw away the police. “Guess now that Daredevil’s a Criminal, His Testimony’s not gonna be too helpful for my Asylum Claim Huh?” Says Samuel, who is in danger of being Deported to China, into the territory of the Criminal Organization the Hand. Matt is losing friends by the minute.

Matt escapes and returns to work the next Morning. He is clearly worse for wear and runs down.

A Phone call comes in,”Matt Murdock? Please Hold for the Mayor.”

Wilson Fisk asks Matt Murdock to be his deputy Mayor and after a slight hesitation, Matt says “Sign Me Up.”

Rating: 8/10

Final Thought: Daredevil Comics have always balanced a tightrope between stunning Superhero Action mingled with Courtroom Drama. This dichotomy is the basis upon why he has been such a successful character for so long. He catches the Criminals and then makes sure to prosecute them to get them off the streets. This story weaves in the three main elements of a great Daredevils story seamlessly. We have the Action from the Police Chase, the Strain on Matt Murdock’s personal relationships with his close friends and colleges, and finally his professional career. This theme of this book so far is the Hubris and arrogance of Daredevil and Matt Murdock, who has been enjoying a stream of really solid victories as of late. Stemming from a recent Supreme Court Victory to surviving an Assassination attempt from the hand, and rescuing his young partner Blindspot from a Demon. It is clear that Matt is going to play directly into the hands of the Kingpin, and he is not able to stop himself.

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