A Ram-page Turner!(Bloodshot Salvation #4 Review)

Bloodshot Salvation #4
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artists: Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan
Cover Artist: Mico Suayan and Brian Reber
Colorist: Diego Rodriguez 
Publisher: Valiant Comics

The Mysterious Origins of the Scarred Man and Rampage!

What You Need to Know:
A Man with a Scarred face has been put in charge Project” Omen ” in a Top Secret Installation in the New Mexico. This includes the Assets of the Former Project “Rising Spirit” that gave birth to Bloodshot himself.

Rampage is a relentless brute that we saw trying to capture Jesse. He is Jet Black with a Red Circle on his chest.

What You’ll Find Out:
Two Boys are Working together in the Barn. They spend their day staking hay bails until one of the Boys tears his Overalls on an errant nail.

The terror overtakes them as they realize that their Father is going to be upset.

RCO006 (1).jpg

What Just Happened?

The Boys Pete and Danny are confronted by their Father, who beats them and Puts Danny in the basement. He locks him down there without food. Blaming him for the death of his wife who passed in childbirth.

Danny steals away at night after his Father has fallen asleep to see his brother. Pete has an idea on how he can save his brother and he sets Fire to the hayloft.


Pete attacks his Father, and he gets horribly Burned in the process. Danny Attacks his Father and kills him brutally with a shovel. The Boys are free. Danny Douses his Brother’s face with water and carries him to safety.


Years later we see Pete has grown up and retained his Scarred appearance. He returns to the Farm House that he grew up in to find his Brother Danny still secluded in the basement. Danny has grown into a large man and he is still afraid. He is afraid to go outside, that’s where Bad Things Happen. Pete is going to make everything OK for his brother. He has a plan and Takes Danny with him. He tranquilizes him and soldiers take Danny off. The Beginning of project Rampage.

Rating: 8/10

Final Thought: A Origin story for the Two Villains of this story, the Scarred man, and his Brother Rampage. These are the two most dangerous people in the World for Magic and Jesse. One controls the destiny of Ray and the nanites that help him become Bloodshot, and the other a veritable Rival, a dark Mirror to Bloodshot. What is a good story without the Villains?

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