Mom, Dad, Meet your Son! (Iceman #8 Review)

Iceman, Bobby Drake is about to introduce his parents to his time-displaced, younger self. Hope they survive the experience!

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Iceman #8
Writer: Sina Grace
Artist: Robert Gill
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover Artist: Mike Deodato Jr. & Federico Blee
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:
After spending some time in Los Angeles with his former teammates, The Champions, Bobby had his first date with Judah. Since romance by phone isn’t easy, he is considering moving to California from NYC. Recently, his parents discovered there was another, younger Bobby living in this timeline, so they decide to all meet for dinner.

What You’ll Find Out:
At his mother’s behest, Bobby Drake is about to ask his younger self to dinner to meet their parents. But first, they have to contend with an angry, resurrected Pyro, while having a chat about Romeo, young Bobby’s erstwhile boyfriend.

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iceman 8 3 copy.jpg
How and when did Pyro return from the dead?


Meanwhile, Zach (the young mutant Iceman and Kitty Pryde rescued in Iceman #2) is with Daken in Madripoor. Daken is using Zach’s energy disruption powers to help him commit petty crimes and to apparently bring him under his tutelage for “bigger” jobs.

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Back in NYC, Bobby meets his parents at the restaurant.

iceman 8 6 copy.jpg

But young Bobby is nowhere to be found. After texting him, Bobby finds him in the restroom, unable to de-ice, due to nerves. Forcing him out into the restaurant, the Drakes begin to gush over their “little boy”, causing all kinds of awkwardness for Iceman.

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iceman 8 9 copy.jpg

Tensions rise so much so, that young Bobby freezes himself solid to the table. But with some words of encouragement, he helps to thaw him out in time for young Bobby to take a stand.

iceman 8 11.jpg

iceman 8 12 copy.jpg

After saying goodbye to his young self, Bobby is settling n his room at the Xavier Institute when Judah appears outside his window.

iceman 8 14 copy.jpg

But he’s not the only visitor to NYC, as we see Daken strolling through Times Square…

What Just Happened?
An interesting premise: introducing your younger self to your parents! And typically, the Drake’s reaction is a big let down. They see young Bobby as a means to “start over”, regardless of either Bobby’s feelings, and they selfishly force their ideas and motives down both Bobby’s throats. Interestingly, up until now, young Bobby has seemed to be the more centered version. This issue shows that older Iceman has learned a lot about himself since coming out, paying respects to a fallen friend, and since meeting Judah. The effect of these events on adult Bobby is evident in his newfound confidence and it’s a wonderful thing. Now, he is truly able to help younger Bobby deal with the absurd plans his parents have concocted for him.

I’m looking forward to a rematch with Daken. Moreso than Pyro ever could, I feel he is the perfect foil for Iceman in this series, besides his own parents!

Rating 9.5/10
Final thought:
One of my favorite issues in the run so far, the team of Grace and Gill have some great work here!

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One thought on “Mom, Dad, Meet your Son! (Iceman #8 Review)

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  1. I LOVE the comic!! I HATE that it has been cancelled, although it has lasted longer than I was expecting.

    I’m a bit scared about Daken. The rivalry between the two of them is a bit… wild sometimes. I hope he doesn’t try anything bad against Bobby’s special friend…

    By the way, the school security is getting worse and worse every day… How could Judah get so far??

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