Batman the Rom Com! (Batman #36 Review)

Batman #36
Writer: Tom King
Artists: Clay Mann
Cover Artist: Clay Mann 
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire 
Publisher: DC Comics

A story unlike we have ever seen where Batman and Superman Contemplate each other’s Friendship, and their place in each others Lives outside of the Superhero world. The Bro-mance between Superman and Batman is explored in this Romantic Comedy.


What You Need to Know:
Batman has Asked Catwoman to marry Him, and she has said yes. On a trip to the Desert, Batman and Catwoman found among the League of Shadows Hollie Robinson. She was responsible for multiple murders that Selina Kyle took the blame for.

To be married to Bruce, Selina needed to clear her name. The trip was to ask Hollie to stand up and take responsibility for those murders and let Selina and Bruce be happy together.

Along the way Selina got into a Sword fight with Talia Al Ghul, they beat up some tongue-less Ninjas, and Damien got to bond with Dick Grayson.

What You’ll Find Out:
Superman and Lois are having a discussion on whether he should call Batman, and congratulate him on his proposal to Catwoman. Superman is a bit reluctant. Lois is instructing him on how this is the right thing to do. Trust me the irony is not lost on Clark, who says “I’m Busy”, as he stops a speeding train. Lois is not so convinced.

RCO006 (2).jpg

Next, we see Batman having a very similar discussion with Catwoman. “I thought you said he was your closest friend?” Selina asked.

Batman states “Gordon is my closest Friend.”

“But he doesn’t even know your name.” Selina deftly catches him with.

In Classic Stoic Batman fashion he replies”…Fine. Alfred is my Closest Friend.”


RCO008_w-3 copy.jpg

It’s a funny thing to see two heroes that have saved the world so many times, just be so incredibly bad at being friends.

Lois and Selina each talk to their respective partners and explain how the would eventually like to meet the other. Catwoman goes so far to explain that she already knows his Alter -ego. Lois, the reporter that she is, already suspects as much and urges Clark to set up a meeting.  Superman cuts the conversation short with an emergency call to action, but we know that Lois has pretty much won the argument.

Selina however, is busy navigating through Batman’s excuses and explains to him that he is Afraid. She asks if Bruce is ashamed of her, and we get a similar explanation for both Batman and Superman.


What Just Happened?

While fighting some sort of Energy based man Superman, continues his conversation with Lois regarding why he will not call Batman. Ironically enough Batman and Catwoman are having the same conversation in the Batcave.

Lois convinces Clark ( well she tells him really) to call Bruce “Tonight. No Excuses. I don’t care how many Worlds are Crisising.” Batman is a bit more adept at staving off Selina’s argument.

It is here where Batman and Superman’s paths finally Converge while following a lead to a shipment of stolen Plutonium. Catwoman and Lois are along for the ride.

While on their stakeout Batman gushes to Catwoman, on how Superman grew up, and as a result how he really looks up to him. He tells her how “I didn’t have a choice but to be who I am. He had every choice, and became who he is”  he says about Superman.

Meanwhile, Superman explains in a similar fashion, just how much he thinks of Batman to Lois. “I have powers. I had to do this. All he has are his wits and his will. And he chooses to do this.”

Eventually, their Paths cross in on the same floor of the Building that Superman tracked his lead to, and Batman and Catwoman theirs. Lois takes this opportunity to officially meet Catwoman ( She is just the greatest to watch!)

The Elevator opens, and we see that Bruce and Clark have reaffirmed their friendship, and they shout each other’s Battle cry as they attack the villain that they each have been chasing, but are working together. Having handily dealt with the bad Guys, Clark asks “So, You all want to get something to eat?”

RCO023 (1).jpg

Rating: 7/10

Final Thought: A Fun example of the work that Tom King has been doing to make Batman more Human. He has taken him from the Stoic and hardhearted Vigilante to someone who experiences the awkwardness of social conventions, just like most of us.While this has a very convenient plot, that brings both the heroes together in a loose manner, I definitely enjoyed it. The pacing and the Repartee between Lois and Clark and Selina and Batman were not all that different, yet it captured the tone altogether. This is a very enjoyable run of Batman to read. While it does not give much in the way of plot, it is a dialogue driven book, that I enjoyed. I think that in a vacuum, this might be a bit hard to pick up, but I as a reader cannot wait to see how this Double Date will turn out.


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