Cross Time Capers Part 3 (X-Men Blue #18 Comic Review)

Arriving in the recent past, The young X-Men meet Generation X at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. But all is not as it seems… it’s much worse!

xmb 18 1

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: R. B. Silva
Inker: Adriano Di Benedetto
Color Artist: Rain Beredo
Cover Artists: Arthur Adams & Federico Blee
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need To Know:
Preparing for the inevitable time paradoxes, Magneto instructed the young X-Men to use the time-machine in the basement. He vanished out of existence before he could properly teach them how to use it. Hank McCoy, the young Beast tinkers with the device, and it sends them to pre-programmed coordinates, the first being the year 2099 where they meet that era’s X-Men and get caught in a battle they seemingly instigated many years earlier. With the aid of Cerebra, the time-machine control device is repaired, but again, it sends them to a pre-programmed date, this one being the era of Generation X, at the school run by Banshee & The White Queen, Emma Frost.

What You’ll Find Out:
The opening has an interesting exchange between Sean & Emma.

xmb 18 2b copy.jpg

As tensions rise outside between the two teen teams, we get some fun moments.

xmb 18 2 copy.jpg


Banshee and Emma put a stop to the fighting, but take caution due to the resemblance to “their” X-Men (as it’s apparent, something the young X-Men are responsible for, has negatively affected this time and the time they just left).

xmb 18 5 copy.jpg

When they settle down and Jean explains their situation, Emma seems to be surprised at Jean’s mention of Magneto, since she informs her that they killed him.
As the two teams chat amongst each other, Hank attempts to tweak the device again. This time, using the cerebral implant, he disables masking technology, revealing not a school at all, but a rundown remnant of the X-Mansion.

xmb 18 8 copy.jpg

As Emma opens her mind to Jean, the truth is before them.

xmb 18 9.jpg

Overcome by this atrocity, Jean breaks the connection, looking for Hank to get them home. Suddenly, Emma & Banshee disappear out of existence. All around them, the Generation X team disappear as Hank activates the machine once more.

xmb 18 11 copy.jpg

Before them, they see themselves in their original X-Men uniforms, battling Magneto over the bodies of the fallen Brotherhood…

What Just Happened?
Arthur Adams manages to do the impossible; make me like young Jean’s hairstyle. Only when he renders her, do I think her hair looks good! Incredible cover as only he can create! I enjoyed seeing Generation X this issue. It’s all well scripted and drawn. Silva’s work here fits the Generation X cast wonderfully.

xmb 18 5b copy.jpg

Bloodstorm has become a standout for me! She’s more intriguing than Prime Ororo, over in X-Men Gold, who if we are lucky, gets a few words each issue.

xmb 18 4 copy

There’s a lot going on, but Bunn doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to characterization.

The story behind the true origins of this time-displaced team of X-Men is unfolding. “Their” Xavier has been contacting Magneto, to prevent this nightmare future from taking place. With the Marvel Universe beginning to reset itself after Secret Wars and Secret Empire, and classic characters returning and set to return, speculation runs rampant as to what will happen to these young versions. This story feels similar to the Time Runs Out cross-over from a few years ago in the Avengers books. I’m almost certain this is in part due to the “house cleaning” going on at Marvel, and with the X-Franchise in particular.
Big changes are coming.

Rating 8.5/10
Final thought:
I’m enjoying Cross Time Capers, more than Mojo Worldwide. I’m looking forward to the next issue with high anticipation.

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