Marvel introduces “Marvel Create Your Own” Comic Creator

Marvel has introduced their newest platform to interact with comic creators. The new site, called “Marvel Create Your Own” will encourage young creators who lack drawing ability to create their own short comics.

The new tool would allow the creative to move and pose their character, add backgrounds from a predetermined list, and add custom lettering and captions.

See the video below:

The platform does have limitations on content, however. The Terms of Use dictate that the comics must not include many things, including the following:

Content that could frighten or upset young children or the parents of young children

Drugs, tobacco, and Alcohol
Sexually explicit images
Sensationalism (killer bees, gossip, aliens, scandal, etc)
Potentially slanderous or libelous content
Obscenity, bad or offensive language, proxies for bad or offensive language (X@#%!)
Politics (lobbyists, PAC sites, political campaigns, alternative lifestyle advocacies)
Graphic Violence

The user agreement also states that any comics created through the platform are owned by Marvel Comics, and can be used at their discretion.

The platform has no release date at this time.

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