The Scarlet Samurai REVEALED! (Old Man Logan #32 Comic Review)

OML 32 1 copy

While in Japan, Logan discovered a gang whose members are on a new drug called Regenix, allowing them to heal instantly from any wound. This drug is being manufactured by the Yashida Corporation, who Logan has much history with. But will his past come back to haunt him?

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.
Colorist: Frank Martin
Cover Artists: Mukesh Singh
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need To Know:
Logan is determined to stop the manufacturing of a new drug called Reghenix, which allows it’s users to heal and regenerate limbs instantly. The scientist who created the drug was stealing from the company and selling it to a gang called The Crazy Thunder Clan. He was murdered by the Silver Samurai for doing so. Determined to find out what’s going on, Logan finds the scientists’ wife for answers. Now the Hand wants the Regenix, and Yashida Corp. and is using the new Scarlet Samurai to achieve their goals. Shin Harada, the Silver Samurai and head of Yashida Corp. has just been stabbed through the chest by the Scarlet Samurai.

What You’ll Find Out:
In a flashback sequence, we see Gorgon, of the hand, in a mystical ceremony, apparently raising a woman from the dead.

oml 32 2 copy

Longtime readers of Wolverine will no doubt guess the identity of the woman, but for me, it only adds to the drama.

At the funeral for the scientist killed by the Silver Samurai, Logan meets his widow and arranges to talk with her later that evening. He stops by the grave of Mariko Yashida, his former love who died in Wolverine #57 (1992).

Meanwhile, Gorgon and members of the Hand storm the Yashida Corp. building, entering the lab and sending everyone home except for a lone chemist. They force him to administer Regenix to a ninja, although he protests at first, claiming it’s unstable. Threatening him harm, he reluctantly injects the ninja, who Gorgon then slices in half with a blade. Instantly, the ninja regenerates. But one of Gorgon’s men states they may have a problem.

OML 32 3 copy

Later, we find Logan and Asami, the widow, at the Paris bar. Just as she is about to explain the side effects of the drug to Logan, Gorgon and the Scarlet Samurai, along with Hand ninjas, enter the bar. Logan yells for Asami to get away, but the ninjas grab her before she can escape. The Scarlet Samurai then stabs Asami in the chest, enraging Logan.

Gorgon begins to taunt Logan, picking up thoughts of Logan sensing something familiar about the Scarlet Samurai. She begins to fight Logan, as the Regenix fueled ninjas join in.

Suddenly, the Scarlet Samurai cuts off Logan’s right hand. Shocked that she was able to cut through adamantium, he asks her who she is. But Gorgon taunts him again, stating the answer should be obvious.

OML 32 8 copy

In the bowels of Yashida Corp., we find Shin was dumped in the garbage and is very much alive. A worker finds him and chides him which is definitely the wrong thing to do.

OML 32 10 copy

Before the Scarlet Samurai delivers a killing blow to Logan, Gorgon instructs her to remove her helmet, and Logan’s nightmare is just beginning.

OML 32 11 copy

What Just Happened?
This run by Brisson and Deodato Jr. has been such an epic, wide-screen adventure! Knowing full well the role Japan plays in Logan’s history, one gets an immediate sense of foreboding as Logan searches for answers we know he may not want to find the answers to! The creative team is a match made in comic heaven!

Rating 10/10
Final thought:
An edge of your seat, heartbreaking tale that is destined to be a classic! I can’t wait for the next chapter!

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