Heaven’s on Fire (The Amazing Spider-Man #793 – Venom Inc. Pt 4 Comic Review)

A new villain, Maniac, is present in New York City, leading a giant gang of venomized henchmen he plans to overtake the criminal element of the city, a small cadre of heroes and villains are all that stands between him and complete domination.

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THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #793 (Venom Inc. pt. 4)

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Ryan Stegman
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover artist: Alex Ross

What You Need to Know:
A new symbiote army has arisen under the control of the villain Maniac who is controlling the horde using a new variety of symbiote that spreads like a virus and overtakes the will of whoever it infects. He is poised to seize control of the entire criminal element in the city, and eventually the world.

As of last issue, all would seem to be lost, Spidey and Antivenom (Flash Thompson) have lost to the forces of Maniac. Black Cat’s criminal organization has been lost to the villain as well. Only Black Cat and Venom himself stand against the criminal syndicate.

What You Need to Know:
We open on a robbery of a catering truck (foreshadowing!) at gunpoint, suddenly a familiar, yet different, voice calls out from the shadows. Spidey is stopping the robbery, or is he? After solidly beating the crap out of the robbers he steals the truck himself, being a bit of a jerk about it honestly.

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We cut to Maniac and his crew preparing to feed Antivenom into an industrial furnace. So far they have been unable to convert him over to their side and have decided to just kill him instead. As they start the machine Maniac leaves his henchmen to make sure all goes to plan, symbiotes don’t like the heat. As he walks away a figure in the shadows comes out, she’s gonna save Flash.


Suddenly Andi, original host of Maniac’s symbiote, leaps out of the shadows. Easily overpowering the 2 guards left by Maniac she pulls Antivenom out of the furnace before he is fully incinerated, he’s not completely unscathed though…


Find out if Flash survives, Spidey does more evil stuff and Maniac wins the day, Pick up your copy of Amazing Spider-Man 793 at the Local Comic Shop today! The ending is a shocker! (not the villain haha)

What Just Happened:


I’m enjoying this crossover quite a bit, this issue was a delight, Venomized Spidey was hilarious, his jokes are much better with a little edge to them. I liked that they brought Mania in, it seems like Maniac might be stretching himself a little thin, if you see the ending you’ll understand.

As a former truck driver, this made me laugh

I’ve enjoyed Slott’s run on Spidey so far, and support them moving away from the Parker Industries stuff, I wasn’t very into that for some reason. Seems like we’re moving towards more classical Spider-man stories, Venom, in particular, has been throwing off a solid Lethal Protector vibe.


The art in this series has been pretty great, although it seems like Venomized Spidey was a little uninspired compared to some of the redesigns last couple issues. Also how come only the Spider-Man issues get awesome Alex Ross covers? It really bothers me for some reason, can’t explain it.

Rating: 8/10

Final Thought:

Loved Venomized Spider-Man, he was cracking me up, a bunch happened this issue I didn’t describe I highly recommend picking it up. The end was pretty great although wholly expected. Anyone who likes Spidey or Venom or any of their stories will likely enjoy this crossover.


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