Time in a Bottled City (Action Comics #994 Comic Review)

The Man of Steel has traveled back in time to discover the true fate of Jor-el following the emergence of Mr Oz (see the Oz Effect for details) and discovered something unexpected, Booster Gold! (among other things)


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ACTION COMICS #994 (Booster Shot Pt. 2)
Writer/ Pencils: Dan Jurgens
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

Jor-el is alive, probably, Superman’s father revealed himself to The Last Son of Krypton during the Oz effect. Superman, having trouble coming to terms with his father being alive after all these years, has traveled back to moments before Krypton’s destruction to determine whether Jor-el really died with his planet. Instead, he discovered Krypton thriving and Jor-el and hated enemy General Zod happily working together in a spaceport. (space travel was forbidden on Krypton, despite what the movies might tell you)

Meanwhile, Booster Gold (vain social media whore by day, actual time-cop by night, or… also day? Night is kinda Batman’s thing) has also traveled back to ensure Superman doesn’t do anything to ruin the time stream. Although it seems like some shadowy figure has done a bit of that already (see Doomsday Clock six months from now for details!)

What You’ll Find Out:
We open on Superman and Booster Gold running from Kryptonian Battlesuit wearing police officers in a Kryptonian spaceport. (again, none of this should exist) Suddenly they are cornered and Booster has no choice but to stand and fight, as Superman is powerless under Krypton’s red sun, Booster makes sure to tell Skeets to record everything, as footage of him saving Superman will surely go viral on social media. Suddenly the trio (Skeets counts!) is rocked by an explosion, temporarily knocking the wind out of Booster, Superman takes Booster’s 25th-century Blaster Glove™


Booster takes a moment to brag about his tech, stole, er, borrowed from a museum in the 25th century, including a Legion Flight Ring! As they fly back to Booster’s time ship Skeets tells the pair that the normally unbreakable timestream has been altered by something, and they need to hurry back before the current altered timeline becomes the one true timeline!


We cut to Zod and Jor-el viewing footage of the insurrection, Zod speculates as to the origin of the saboteur wearing the house of El, figuring it must be subterfuge. He decides to deploy the Eradicators. Zod and the Eradicators catch Superman and Booster as they prepare to leave. Zod brands them as enemies of Krypton, the punishment is death!


Do our heroes survive and make it back to their time? Or do they get ERADICATED?! Pick up an issue today!

What Just Happened?

*plot and art sections will be combined since Jurgens is king of kings

What a great issue! Man, I had a great time reading this. Jurgens is definitely in the all-time greats in terms of Superman storytelling. It has been a real treat to see Booster Gold again as well! I think now is the perfect time for a Booster Gold solo series with his vain attitude and social media addiction.

The idea of Superman going back to Krypton to find it alive and well following interference from big blue mcguffin man is an awesome idea, especially the idea of Zod and Jor-el working together. (to the unenlightened that is ridiculous) I really liked the alternate designs for Zod’s Eradicators.

The 2 page splash panel as they travel forward through time was seriously sad, and the end was awesome. Can’t wait for next issue!

Rating: 8/10

Final Thought:

I’m loving Jurgens run on Superman, just like I loved all his previous runs, no surprise there! Rest assured we’ll all be getting some Action in a couple weeks! Only 3 months until 1000!

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