Know When to Fold ‘Em (Batman Beyond #15 Comic Review)

Gotham City- the undetermined future, the criminal element has gotten out of hand. An aging Bruce Wayne has retired. The next generation has taken the mantle, this is more than Batman, this is Batman Beyond!


Writer: Dan Jurgens
Art: Phil Hester
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:
Gotham City has finally been retaken following the return of its vigilante protector and his aged benefactor. Now a new enemy has arisen, enlisting the likes of the Royal Flush Gang in an attempt to capture the infamous Batman for reasons unknown, only Terry stop them before they attack him or his loved ones!

Last issue Terry found himself locked in mortal combat with the Royal Flush Gang, and bent over the knee of the huge robotic Ace, in the fashion famously depicted by shoulder hair enthusiast Jim Aparo, (BREAK YOU) will Terry require weeks of logic-stretching therapy followed by a big ole mcguffin with magic healing powers? Or will the suit provide?

What You’ll Find Out:
We open with an interior monologue by Bruce Wayne, were he a praying man he would pray that Terry is ok, that history doesn’t repeat itself, but he isn’t a praying man. Besides, we’ve seen all the help prayers can bring, fortune favors the man who plans ahead, he has planned for this, because of course he has. Terry springs up and blows a huge hole in Ace, (a robot) the suit can withstand direct gunfire, does he really believe it doesn’t have a back brace?


King attacks in a fury, seeking vengeance for his fallen robot, all his other friends have left him. Batman fends him off easily despite his rage and turns his attention to Jack. Jack is equipped with a laser eye implant stolen from some tech firm or other, but that doesn’t help him at all if he’s flying throuhg the air, Terry flips him off his card and takes the remaining members down. Commissioner Barbara Gordon can take it from here. Terry heads out.


As Batman flys away a hooded figure speaks to a man in the shadows, the man is insulted the Royal Flush Gang was called first, the hooded figure tells him the gang was just to test Batman’s capability. Having learned nothing new he’s ready to deploy the A team, The Stalker!


The end of this issue is pretty awesome! See for yourself, pick up Batman Beyond #15 at your local comic book store today!

What Just Happened?

Man what a treat, 2 Jurgens books this week, I’m really enjoying this series so far, despite a slight lull for a couple issues. As I often say I’m a sucker for alternate future stories, and I guess that carries over to semi canon future stories as well. I liked the callback to Knightfall, despite it being an ultimately toothless cliffhanger, it does make complete and total sense that Bruce would’ve built in some manner of resistance to that type of attack again, so it gets a pass.

The Royal Flush Gang fight was pretty solid and this Batman is a bit more quippy than his namesake, which makes sense as well because I consider him a mix of Grayson and Bruce on a character level. The end was a bit abrupt but the final strike was a bit silly, I liked that Bruce reprimanded him for being too chatty. “Batman doesn’t joke”

I admit I didn’t read the original arc with the Stalker if there was one, but he seems like a good villain with an excellent tortured antihero backstory. I foresee Bruce maybe hooking him and his family up with some cash later. I’m struggling to figure out who the hooded true villain pulling the strings is, I’m hoping it’s a good reveal and doesn’t get dragged out like some recent stories, also it better not be Terry’s dad magically brought back from the dead after decades of being dead in canon for… some reason? Also what is up with Terry’s brother? Robin Beyond coming soon? I take it back that sounds awesome.

I hate to say it but I wasn’t loving Bernard Chang on this series, I feel that Nightwing is a much better fit and gave his latest outing on that title a glowing review last week. That said I feel like Phil Hester is doing much better so far last couple issues, although what is it with this series and insane numbers of facial lines? Is everyone wrinklier in the future? Young people included? Maybe it’s the air quality. Anyway, the fights are top notch and Batman is back to his classic Beyond suit, coming back from a stint in an alternate suit I don’t think anybody much liked, most of all Terry, Bruce and Damian.

Rating: 7/10

Final Thought:
A solid issue, with a good beginning, middle and end, I hope it’s going somewhere good. I am excited to find out who Terry will be punching next month, seriously pick up this issue though, Stalker was awesome at the end.


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