To the Sewers of Gotham!(Batman/TMNT #1 Review)

Batman/TMNT #1
Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Freddie Williams II
Cover Artist: Freddie Williams II
Colorist: Jeremy Colwell
Publisher: DC Comics and IDW Comics

Donatello wants to be stronger, and he thinks that Batman can help. He wants to find out how to be both a Genius and a fighter like the World’s Greatest Detective.

What You Need to Know:
In their past interaction, the  Ninjas Turtles made their visit to the DC Universe, they met Batman and Robin, and the Shredder took over Gotham’s Underworld. Ras Al Ghul Teamed up with Shredder and they used the Mutagen from the Turtles Dimension to mutate all of the Villains of Gotham.  Batman showed he could beat the Shredder in single combat, but Splinter was able to take Batman, and Leo Came close.

The problem was that the machines that Donatello made should not have worked in the DC Universe, and The Mutagen in the Turtle’s System was slowly degenerating. As a result, they were reverting back to ordinary Turtles. They made it home to their dimension and with Batman’s help and were able to save the day.

What You’ll Find Out:
As the Turtles Speed through the Subway Tunnels on Hoverboards that Donnie Built, they catch up to the Foot Clan destroying a Subway train. Michelangelo catches Karai (Daughter of the Shredder) as she was kicked from the moving train by an Elite Foot Guard. It seems they have wondered into a Coupe for the leadership of the Foot Clan.

Mikey rescues an ungrateful Karai, and Leo and Raph attack the remnants of Foot Soldiers still remaining on the train. They make handy work of the remnants, while Donnie Tries to stop the stragglers with a Taser Rifle that he has connected to the Third rail of the Subway. While holding his own, Donatello is badly outclassed by the Elite Foot Guard that attacked Karai.


What Just Happened?
Back at the Turtle’s Lair, Casey and April stitch Donatello back together. But Donnie is down because he is just the Smart brother. He feels inadequate and talks to his Master.


RCO015_w copy.jpg

Donatello does not accept that he is just smart. He says “A Few Months ago we met Batman. He was a Genius and he could even hold his own against you father.” He tells Splinter. “I just wish I could talk to him again…ask him how he did it.”

We see Batman and Robin hot on the Hunt for Ras Al Ghul. They interrogate a Ninja, and he drops a clue about the Bladed man that was working with The League of Shadows (The Shredder). Batman and Robin are led into a cavern in the sewers and attacked from above by a legion of Man-Bat Ninjas. They Discovered a Lazarus Pit deep in the Bowels of Gotham, and in the pit Bane!

Donatello steals away and he heads to the Lab where the Trans-Dimensional Portal that took them to Gotham was. His plan was to use it to contact Batman and talk with him. He is trailed by the Foot, and the Portal is damaged.

Donnie is sent through the portal and is replaced by someone Big that emerges to greet the Foot Clan. It’s the Man who was born in the Prison Pena Dura himself, fresh from the Lazarus Pit Bane!

Rating: 8.5/10

Final Thought: I absolutely loved the first installment, and in no small part to the artwork of Freddie Williams II. The story has the levity and the humor that you would expect with a TMNT book, and the Investigative pursuit and eventual payoff of the Detective work in Batman’s Adventures in Gotham City. This is far greater than just nostalgia for this reader. I am excited to see the characters move about in each other’s worlds, and it is written with the recognizable voices that you all know and love. High praise for this creative team of James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams II.

RCO003 (2).jpg

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