Swept up in the Red Tide (Green Lanterns #37 Review)

After the Last Encounter with The Ungarians, where Simon saved the famous Intergalactic Pop Star Liseth Vok; They are contacted bu Liseth to come to Ungara. The Molites are causing trouble, and the Ungarians, are not happy with them!

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What You Need to Know:

The Consequences of their First Space Adventure have come back to haunt them. The Molites Refugees are not fitting in well on Ungara, and Jess and Simon are called to keep the peace.

What You’ll Find Out:

Tensions rise on Ungara as the crowds gather to protest the Molite refugees. A string of thefts and a recent murder, that was all blamed on the Molites has the once peaceful citizens worked to a frenzied state.

Simon Baz who is playing cards with a Construct shaped like the girl he healed saving the Molites Liseth Vok. Ironically she calls him at the same time. Awkward! She asks Simon to come to Ungara to aid them with the turmoil that the Refugees and the Protesters are causing.

What Just Happened?

The lanterns Meet with The Regent, Liseth Vok’s Mother, who was also the captain of the Brinkmanship that rescued the Molites from the dying Planet Mol. She tells the lanterns that a beloved and highly decorated man was killed, and they believe it was the Molites. Commodore Psyt was second in command of Ungara and left to die in the street. There is growing concern of a movement called the Red Tide ( Most likely a reference to the Skin Complexion of the native Ungarians who are reddish in flesh tone) that they wish to send the Molites off of their world. Regent Vok wants Simon and Jessica to investigate, but undercover to not raise suspicions.

They do so by dressing as sanitation workers in Green Overalls and enter behind a Mob of angry Ungarians into a sewer drain. Not long until they are attacked by a seemingly rabid group of what they find to be Female Molites. Jessica taking instruction from her ring, created constructs of infants to quell the Mob.

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In a cavern not too much farther away they find a horrifying sight. The crazed Molites were all new Mothers, and their clutches of Eggs have all been smashed. Possibly by some missing Ungarian Teenagers.

RCO015 They are Greeted by the Pod Father, who has been witnessing the behavior of the Mob of Lady Molites.  He tells them that he is guilty of stealing precious Metals to make is ceremonial Adornments, and admits to the Murder of the Commodore. He begs them to arrest him.

Later on the Lanterns, each finds a way to deal with their anguish regarding the decision to bring the Molites to Ungara. Jessica talks to The Regent Vok and tells her that she wishes she could be brave like her.  The share a conversation on how different they are, and in a way envy each other. Jessica sees all of the little things and details, while Vok loses all of that thinking about the Big Picture.

Simon takes some solace in his prayers. Not long after he is visited by Liseth. He mentions how she was performing in front of the angry Mob and he knows how she felt. Since he healed her back on the Brinkmanship, they have shared a connection. Simon describes it that he feels responsible for her life since he saved it. While Liseth thinks it is something a bit more simple than that, and she kisses him. It is not long until they share an evening together.

Liseth reveals a secret to Simon, that she knows all about the Ungarian supremacist Movement called the Red Tide. She Knows because she is a member!

Rating: 7/10

Final Thought: Trapped in a Moral dilemma of who should be responsible for a life they have saved, Simon and Jessica find themselves in an existential quandary. This is worsened by the rising tensions and confused by rising passions. Simon and Jessica struggle to find their footing as the Lanterns of Space Sector 2814.

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