A Fair Time for a Double Date (Batman #37 Review)

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Batman #37cvr 2.jpg

A Double Date with Batman, Catwoman, Superman and Lois Lane. It’s Carnival time!

Writer: Tom King
Artists: Clay Mann
Cover Artist: Mikel Janin 
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Variant Cover: Oliver Coipel & Dave Stewart 

Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:
Batman has asked Catwoman to marry him, and as his longtime friend, Superman has asked to meet her. More Specifically Lois Lane, Superman’s wife, wants to meet the woman that tamed the Batman.

On the other hand, Selina wants to be a part of Bruce’s life, and she wants to meet Clark and Lois as well.

They run across each other in a strange circumstance while tracking a Villain, and they decide to get a bite to eat together.

What You’ll Find Out:

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The Group finally decides on where to go. The Gotham County Fair. I can imagine that there must be some strong wills to deal with when you have Batman, Catwoman and Lois lane altogether. They arrive at the fair to find that it is Superhero night, and everyone must dress as a Superhero or Villain to enter.

“It’s not as if you don’t have the Costumes,” Lois says. Batman is not amused, but Selina steps in and translates for Batman’s grumpy retort. Needless to say, they swap costumes to enter the fair.

Batman #371 copy.jpg

What Just Happened?

The fair is alive with the various Cosplaying attendees. Bruce dressed as Superman, Lois as Catwoman, Clark dressed as Batman (with glasses) and Selina dressed in Lois’s Dress.

The group enjoys some carnival food. Batman says ” I’m going to have to kick a lot of trees to work this off” as he eats a Corndog.

Superman says in response ” I kicked a tree once. I felt so bad I spent the rest of the day planting 800 saplings outside of Smallville.”

Just a few of the differences that you find looking at Superman’s perspective of the world vs Batman’s.Especially in the Tunnel of Love.

RCO010 (1)

Lois and Selina become fast friends, and they cannot help but dish about their men.They get to know each other while Batman and Superman have an argument over if Superman could strike Batman out at Baseball.

What would a Superhero team up story be without some crime to stop, as the unluckiest criminal of all time dressed as the question, attempts to steal Catwoman’s purse? He is dressed as the Question with a Faceless mask on. Superman guides Batman with his X-ray Vision, and he hits him on the back of the head with a Baseball.


Finally, after all the fun, they decide to settle the bet. Superman and Batman face each other on a Baseball diamond. Catwoman and Lois look on as Superman winds up. And the pitch…

Rating: 8/10
Final Thought: First of all I want to say that a lot of this is best read in context, and a lot of the issue is told through visual storytelling. That said, it is very humorous, and the banter between Batman and Superman, and then Catwoman and Lois is a riot! If you know relationships or get a kick out of that type of humor, this will be a very funny book. I can’t imagine that this is a book that Kids will really want to pick up, so maybe not a mass appeal, but as an adult, I ate it right up. The artwork is superb. It hits on every level, and the characters are well defined down to the small details. I have to say that Having Lois Dressed as Catwoman, but she still has her own features so you recognize her was great. Tom King continues to write Batman as an actual red Blooded Human male and is succeeding in making the Man shine in the Batman.

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