A Reason for Treason (Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe #1 Review)

Writer: Elliot Rahal
Artist: Joe Bennett and Belardino Brabo
Cover: Mico Suayan & David Baron, Cafu & Andrew Dahlhouse, Francis Portela & Andrew Dahlhouse
Colorist: Ulises Arreola
Lettering: David Sharpe

What You’ll Need to Know:

The Valiant Universe is about Explode! Ninjak takes on the Valiant Universe!

Roku is a sworn enemy to MI6 and has taken the Wife and child of the Ninjak’s greatest friend Neville Alcott. She has taken them to leverage Ninjak to get her an item from the depths of the most secure building in MI6. Item 147 from Vault number 3.

Neville is none the wiser to the danger that his family is in and calls Coronel Capshaw and Livewire to check out the system. In the Meantime, Ninjak is making his exit from the Vault with the item 147. He ran a computer virus through the system, and Livewire has just detected it.

“You’d think I would feel a tad worse about committing Treason. I’ve got no choice, but lucky for me MI6 trained me to be better than them.” Ninjak’s inner monologue.

What You’ll Find Out:
Confronted after taking the elevator upstairs by Livewire, Coronal Capshaw, and Neville, They were shocked to find Ninjak. He uses the confusion to take Neville Hostage, and then to neutralize Livewire. Oh the trouble that he knows he is getting into, but you get the sense that Cole is enjoying this too. Hand to hand against Coronal Capshaw. He loses a sword, but as she takes it she is electrocuted by his trick hilt. As Livewire recovers he shatters the window to make his escape.

Neville tells them that they are calling on Unity to get back the asset that Ninjak stole.

What Just Happened:
Neville has called a Burn Notice on Ninjak, so effectively Colin King will be running for his life. He is to be taken Dead or alive. To catch him they called Bloodshot, Archer and Armstrong, X-O Manowar and The Eternal Warrior! Things just got serious.

Rating: 8.5/10
Final Thought: If you are looking for action and a fast-paced heist, with a high stakes plot; this is a story not to miss. If you are unfamiliar with Valiant Comics this is the who’s who! This issue is reminiscent of the formation of the Avengers in the end credits of all of the Marvel films. The continued build up that will no doubt show in the next issues. I am excited because Ninja-K, is an analog of Deadpool and James Bond rolled into one person! The anticipation of him facing off against the respective Iron Man (X-O Manowar), Captain America/Wolverine (Bloodshot) and the Eternal Warrior pretty much an Immortal God and Archer and Armstrong! Wow! This is really a big deal!This would be a great book to get a cross-section of the Valiant Universe. I highly recommend getting in early and enjoying the ride.

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