Sony’s ‘Bloodshot’ Movie In Talks with Vin Diesel for Valiant’s Live Action Film!

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Vin Diesel is now locking down a superhero franchise to call his own. Bloodshot is planned to be part of a five-film shared universe based on the Valiant comic books!



Bloodshot is being written by Valiant comics writer and Oscar-nominated screenwriter, Eric Heisserer (Arrival), and directed by Dave Wilson, who is Deadpool director Tim Miller’s partner at Blur Studios. Sony is targeting the film as a Big-Budget tent-pole for 2019, with an R-rating. The film will also reunite Diesel with Fast and the Furious mega-producer, Neal Moritz, who is producing alongside Valiant’s CEO and creative director, Dinesh Shamdasani.  It is one of two Valiant films currently being developed, with the other being Harbinger.  The plan is set for the films to co-exist in the same universe and ultimately build toward a crossover event as we have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which given the hype Valiant Entertainment is currently receiving, there is no question fans and audiences will embrace these characters!


Vin Diesel also seems a much better choice for Bloodshot, than the earlier rumored, Jared Leto, plus Diesel has a built-in soulfulness that you tend to find in his other action hero roles.  Bloodshot is the story of an unstoppable soldier brought back from the brink of death using nanotechnology that grants him a number of super-powers, most of which involve being good at killing, not dying, and getting the job done!  Don’t be mistaken, he is much more than a bruiser with a machine gun and pale skin, as, in recent years, the Bloodshot comics have focused less on this character being an all-powerful killing machine and more on this character reckoning with the fact that he is an all-powerful killing machine and what that means for his soul.  This type of story has already proven to work with the ultra-successful Logan, which proved that audiences are ready to embrace introspective and hyper-violent superhero tales.


Besides the high R rating, the Bloodshot comic adaptation that will be tonally and aesthetically influenced by high-concept, sci-fi blockbusters of the late ’80s including Robocop, Terminator, and Total Recall.  This is speculation, but I would imagine this is only the beginning, with the recent media release of Valiant’s  Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe, I would expect fans can expect to see Valiant characters like X-O Manowar, Ninjak, and others on the screen not long after Bloodshot first makes his debut!!



Valiant’s library is truly one of the great and as-yet untapped wells of intellectual property.  The publisher’s bench of more than 2,000 superhero characters, with lifetime sales of more than 80 million copies, makes it the third largest library of superheroes behind Marvel and DC  and the only one not currently owned by a major conglomerate which allows them more freedom, plus with Dinesh Shamdasani, and his creative team, current Valiant fans can  expect nothing short of phenomenal!


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