The Strangest TEENS of All (X-Men Grand Design #2 Comic Review)

Award-winning artist/writer Ed Piskor continues his remix of the history of the X-Men like you’ve never seen it before!

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Writer/Artist: Ed Piskor
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need To Know:
Acclaimed cartoonist and Eisner Award winner Ed Piskor (Hip Hop Family Tree) lends his unique storytelling skills in a comprehensive retelling of the history of the X-Men in this limited series.

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The young mutants encountered many strange adversaries and allies during their early years, leading up to the alien invasion by the Z’Nox.

What You’ll Find Out:
The Watcher continues telling his story of the X-men to the Recorder.

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Many details during this period have been altered. Most of it tightens up continuity.

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What Just happened?
Many times when a comic title has had a lengthy run and its history has been tweaked so much, new readers (and long-time readers too) get frustrated or intimidated to begin reading the title again.

X-Men has always been one of the longest-running soap operas in comics. Because of this, the fan base is fiercely dedicated to protecting and preserving their favorite characters and stories. Often, a writer will come in and change what a previous writer has done, much to the chagrin of readers or, much to their delight.

What X-Men: Grand Design does is tie loose threads together to make a more palpable story, by dismissing questionable material and attempting to integrate key points that came later down the road. I actually don’t mind the changes I’ve seen so far, as they seem to fit-in seamlessly with the canon we have been given.

The one change I found odd was turning Changeling into an android. I’m not sure what to make of that switch yet.

RCO029 copy.jpg

Also, having the X-Men know of Xavier’s plan to fake his death makes Charles less creepy, which I DO like. There were many times in the X-Men’s original run that Xavier acted strangely; beginning with his “crush” on Jean, to the MANY secrets he kept from his students. Because of this, Charles Xavier’s reputation has been soiled for many years, starting with Onslaught and ending with his “death”. Maybe this change is meant to exonerate the character?
This retelling also introduces the idea that Mastermind had already begun to formulate a plan of attack on Jean Grey much earlier than when he assumed his Jason Wyngarde visage while working with the Hellfire Club. There is a brief moment we see a young Rogue, being called to the Savage Land, like Lorna Dane, but this is a mystery so far.

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Rating 9/10
Final thought:
X-Men: Grand Design #2 manages to create a comprehensive retelling of one the X-Men’s most tumultuous periods. I anxiously await the “All-New, All-Different”!

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