Brian Michael Bendis’ Reveals First Work with DC Comics!

Writer Brian Michael Bendis, a longtime staple at Marvel Comics for almost two decades, the mind behind some of Marvel’s best titles over the years has announced his first published work under his long-term DC-exclusive contract will be a backup story in Action Comics #1000, featuring art by DC co-publisher Jim Lee!


The issue, which represents the first time a major American superhero comic has reached the 1,000-issue milestone, and will be an over-sized extravaganza with the main feature by writer Dan Jurgens, who took over Action Comics with issue #957, at the start of the ‘Rebirth Initiative’ in 2016; and another by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, who took over Superman at that same time.  The rest of the book is a star-studded tribute to eighty years of Superman storytelling.  A most suitable debut for Bendis to showcase his talent.

Besides Action Comics #1000, DC Comics will release a hardcover collection, Action Comics #1000:  80 Years of Superman, which will retail at $29.99 and feature over 300 pages, with a blend of new and reprinted content.
Rumors have persisted that Bendis will permanently take over Superman following Action Comics #1000, but DC Comics have not elaborated on Bendis’ future beyond DC’s massive 80th-anniversary milestone celebration!

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