First Watch: Committed! (Kill or be Killed Special Prerelease Review)

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Dylan isn’t crazy… Probably… After a suicide attempt his life was saved by a demon, who now requires a sacrifice of one evil soul a month, or else the demon will take his soul instead… if the demon actually exists that is.


Title: Kill or be Killed #15
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Sean Philips
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 1/17/18

What You Need to Know:

College student Dylan was rescued by a demon following a suicide attempt with one crucial caveat, he must kill one evil person a month or the demon will take Dylan instead. Dylan initially thought the demon was imaginary, then he started to believe in it, becoming a red mask wearing vigilante in the process. After a while, he started to think the demon wasn’t real after all until the demon took on the form of Dylan’s girlfriend Kira, and it was revealed his older brother and father saw the demon at points in their lives as well!

Is the demon back? Or has Dylan finally succumbed to a hereditary mental defect?!

What You Need to Know:

We open to reveal Dylan in a mental hospital, listening to the other patients describe some of their various hallucinations. The book takes a moment to reassure us that no, this isn’t gonna be one of those books where he’s just been describing fantasies to a psychiatrist. (never doubted ya for a second papa Ed)


We cut away to before Dylan was committed, he’s freaked out as he starts to see the demon more and more, everywhere he goes!

Well, kids, this is a preview and you know how that goes, I’ll be the first to assure you this issue is well worth the long wait! Loved it!


What Just Happened?
Man, after 6 weeks I am so very happy KOBK is back! So much has happened since last issue! It’s insane to think the first 14 issues was just one huge arc! Friggin Ed Brubaker amiright? (I just picked up the Gotham Central Omnibus, you might say I’m a fan)

This new turn of events is crazy (ha pun) and although not totally out of left field is certainly unexpected and interesting, I’m loving this new direction very much, and can’t wait to see the new story unfold, it’s great to see more of the demon, and more interaction with him is a definite plus, I really want to find out more about him!

Oh also congrats to the team as there has been confirmed forward momentum on a Kill or be Killed movie from the John Wick team! Wow!

Rating: 9/10

Final Thought:

My god, it’s good to have Kill or be Killed back after a 6-week break! I am so glad it’s back! If you aren’t reading this series you seriously need to get on it! Love it!


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