Bucket List, Part 1 (The Despicable Deadpool #292 Comic Review)

Deadpool continues checking names off Stryfe’s hitlist until he can delay no longer…it’s time for Deadpool vs. Stevil Rogers!


The Despicable Deadpool #292
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Matteo Lolli
Colorist: Ruth Redmond
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:
In exchange for saving Deadpool’s loved ones, Cable’s evil clone Stryfe has given Deadpool a hitlist as payback. The first name on the list, however, was Cable himself. After multiple failed assassination attempts, Deadpool and Cable finally team up to acquire the heart of a future Cable on the brink of death. During the exchange of this heart, however, Deadpool betrays Stryfe and forces the time-traveler’s back up plan to fruition. With his loved ones being threatened, Deadpool betrays Cable and allows Stryfe to keep the heart, checking the first name off of his list…

What You’ll Find Out:
In the middle of what appears to be an Apple store, Deadpool contacts Stryfe from a laptop to determine the next name on his hitlist. Confirming that it is “pretty much” a secure connection, Deadpool learns that his next target is none other than Irene Mayweather. So dressed in an armor-clad costume proclaiming to be Cable’s evil twin Stryfe, Deadpool enters the Daily Bugle and sinks a large knife into her chest. After a gentle apology, Deadpool makes his escape and contacts Stryfe again to let him know that it has been completed.

Holding up the cover of the Daily Bugle as proof of his actions, Stryfe quickly gets to business and lists the next name on Deadpool’s hitlist. With two killed, he only has two more left, but the next name is Deadpool’s friend Evan Sabahnur. Deadpool absolutely refuses to kill Evan and shoots the laptop he was using to communicate in response. Considering the latest name off limits, Deadpool chooses to go after the guy he wanted to kill most in the entire world, “Stevil Rogers”. The Nazi Captain America that ruined everything for Deadpool.


With ease, he breaks into the maximum-security cell holding the evil version of Rogers and places an Inland Taipan snake on his chest as he sleeps. Deadpool wakes Rogers, who immediately finds the snake staring him down, and says that it’s a shame the chimpanzee with a revolver didn’t make it when breaking in. Deadpool and the Nazi Steve Rogers begin a conversation about Deadpool’s unquestioned loyalty during his takeover of America. This quickly heats up as the two disagree more and more about the events that transpired, but Deadpool puts an end to the discussion with a disturbing threat. Every time he breaks in to visit Rogers in his cell he will take a piece of him, whether it be a finger or an eye, and his visits will always occur at random times. Right before he leaves Roger’s cell, Deadpool destroys his toilet flooding the floor.

Just outside the prison cell is the guard hogtied on the ground with a dead chimpanzee dressed as a cowboy and a revolver beside him. Deadpool leaves the guard with a warning, saying he will be breaking into this prison a lot over the years and if he wants to shoot anyone, shoot him. Leave his super pets out of it.

Feeling refreshed from a night off, Deadpool feels like everything is going to work out fine and jumps into a blimp to take him up, up, and away! Unfortunately, the security guards have noticed his escape and they fill the air with gunshots. Riddled with bullet holes and bleeding all over the place, Deadpool says they missed him as he floats off, splattering blood all over one of the guard’s cars.


This has been all over the news, and on the final page, it is revealed that Rogue has been watching, and Deadpool has her complete attention…

What Just Happened?

The latest entry in the Despicable Deadpool series offers a fun reading experience, especially for those who are already fans of the Regeneratin’ Degenerate. While the issue isn’t groundbreaking, it has classic funny Deadpool moments mixed with the deadly tendencies that have been increasingly giving the character a less heroic perception throughout writer Gerry Dugan’s run.

The new artistic team showed incredible potential, especially during Deadpool’s interrogation dialogue with Stevil Rogers. The beautiful artwork and darker color palette contribute to the anti-hero status of the character, bringing back the deadly mercenary aesthetic that has sometimes been less apparent in previous issues.


Although nothing of particular consequence happens, the humor of this issue is perfectly on brand. From Deadpool’s attempts at training a chimpanzee to shoot a revolver to him bleeding out all over the security guard’s car, the latest issue is hilarious if nothing else. While I would have expected more from the confrontation with Stevil Rogers, the threat Deadpool left was enticing simply for the fact that it promises much more to come in the future.

For fans of the Merc with a Mouth, the newest Despicable Deadpool is bound to offer a few laughs and even a captivating dialogue with Stevil Rogers, making it an enjoyable issue. For those who find Deadpool’s unique brand of humor off-putting, however, this issue certainly won’t change your mind.

Rating: 7.8/10

Final Thoughts: The Despicable Deadpool #292 delivers classic humor and momentous dialogue, but is lacking in overall substance. Luckily, this doesn’t impede the enjoyable pacing or diminish the reveal at the end. This is a hilarious Deadpool issue that promises so much more on the horizon.

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