Victory With Consequences (Ragman #4 Comic Review)

Rory Regan was on a tour in Afghanistan with his platoon (if any of my military speak is off lemme know, I’ve mostly just seen a bunch of movies haha) when they came across a tomb, several of them went in, only Rory came out, with the suit!


Title: Ragman #4
Writer: Ray Fawkes
Art: Inaki Miranda
Colors: Eva De La Cruz
Letters: Josh Reed
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

Rory Regan’s squad was killed by a demonic insurgency, he was the only survivor but he left the temple with a passenger in the form of a demonic suit made up of the souls of the evildoers it kills.

Recently the demon Etrigan revealed to Rory that demonic forces are attempting to take over Gotham City, only the Ragman can stop them!


What You’ll Find Out:

Etrigan the demon watches from atop as Ragman destroys demonic slop. In Rory’s suit, the souls do clamor as on his foes the hero hammers. Increases in power should be considered more than gifts, within himself Rory is opening rifts. He needs to figure out his own situation first, lest he becomes like the enemy, CURSED.

Elsewhere evil forces clandestinely gather or plot the end of Ragman, rather. To get to him they’ll strike the weak, the innocent, helpless, in other words meek! Rory uses his demonic sight, peering blindly into the night, he realizes the demons are headed towards a home, not to his but to a friend of his known. The demons are looking for the battle to end, but striking at the families of Rory’s friends!


Now the ending of this book is to me, known, but you should read it and look for your own. As a result, this synopsis will stop, pick up a copy at your local comic shop!

What Just Happened?


You mean, besides me killing an entire synopsis in Etrigan rhyme format? Boom! This issue was awesome! I love this series and am having a great time seeing Etrigan in two books at the same time, funny that he’s the voice of reason to Rory’s reckless reactions to the situations he’s put into.

I like the nature of the story, with Rory beginning to lose control over himself, and give into the suit more. Kind of reminds me of early Spawn a little bit, the demon fights have been killer, and the stakes seem to be rising just as fast as Rory’s powers, the end of this issue was friggin nuts!

If you couldn’t tell by my synopsis I really like Etrigan’s rhyming, which is a bit tough to write, so hats off to Ray Fawkes!


The pencils and ink by Inaki Miranda are great, best displayed in the initial 2-page spread, and the scenes involving the evil demons, which are seriously creepy. I particularly liked the visual with the demons walking down the street in hoodies, headed toward Frank’s (one of Rory’s old squadmates) house, again, the last 2 pages of this issue are freaking spectacular!


Rating: 8/10

Final Thought:

Seriously so many great books this week, but only this one has Etrigan! (probably) This book is always a highlight to read and review, if you aren’t picking it up I recommend you do so! Only a couple issues to go!


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