No Soul is Safe! (Aspen Universe: Decimation, Part 4 Comic Book Review)

Orlana, The Death Princess takes on those who dare align against her in the epic crossover finale of Aspen Universe: Decimation!


Aspen Universe: Decimation: Part 4
Writer: Vince Hernandez
Pencils: Marco Renna
Digi-Inks: Mark Roslan
Color Artists: Federico Blee, Juanchoo, Enrica Angiolini
Lettering: Zen
Publisher: Aspen Comics

What You Need to Know:

As Rainier and his allies begin the battle for humanity and storm Orlana’s jungle temple in Costa Rica, Onyx was able to sneak inside and manipulate Sudana’s magic to stun Evani. In the Everlands, as Jayden and Terza are fought to their senses by Grace and her dragons, Hank, Ember and the rest of their group eventually show up to unite with the others. Together, they vanished to Orlana’s temple. However, even united as a group they turn out to be no match for The Death Princess herself and are soon taken under mind control…

What You’ll Find Out:
The stage is set for the final battle for supremacy to take place on multiple fronts as Orlana, The Death Princess confronts those who would dare stand against her. With Hank, Grace, Ember, Terra, and others at her disposal, how can the tides of war possibly be changed? The time for decimation has begun! As the entire fate of the Aspen Universe is threatened, will everyone make it out of the battle alive? In Aspen Universe: Decimation, no soul is safe!


What Just Happened?
In the epic finale to the Aspen Universe: Decimation event, we find Orlana, The Death Princess engaging in the final battle for supremacy in every way she can. As the previous issues continuously felt like a build-up, readers are finally treated to multiple confrontations that ultimately decide the fate of the Aspen Universe itself. The twists throughout the narrative are enjoyable, albeit more lighthearted than I would have imagined given the circumstances. This was an aspect that I eventually felt worked in favor of the narrative itself, as multiple plot lines all converge and create unexpected reactions.

Where the issue truly stands out is in the artistic direction though. From character and background design to the incredibly vivid coloring, each page is truly beautiful. The use of magic in the duel between Sudana and Terra is a perfect example of the incredible visuals used throughout the story. Again, the artistic quality at Aspen Comics remains some of the best in the industry, and this event has been an exemplary showcase of their talent.


Writer Vince Hernandez has woven each character’s complex plotline into a larger narrative in previous issues, and now they are all finally able to converge. The story does an incredible job of providing a wide range of emotion from humor to sorrow alongside near non-stop action.

Though the build-up was a bit long, the payoff is an incredible battle that lasts for almost the full issue, creating a monumental reading experience that truly delivers on the promise that no soul is safe.

The climactic finale of the crossover event Aspen Universe: Decimation no longer feels like the calm before the storm, it is a fast-paced, action-packed, and overall gorgeous issue that is a must-read for any fan.

Rating: 8.5/10

Final Thoughts: Aspen Universe: Decimation #4 delivers on the promise that no soul is safe in an action-packed and emotional issue. With exceptionally beautiful artwork and a strong narrative, the epic conclusion of their crossover event is certainly not to be missed!

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