Castlevania (Episode #1 Review)

Castlevania: (4 Episodes)
Producer: Netflix
Studio: Powerhouse Animation
Genre: Action, Supernatural/Horror, Fantasy
Air Dates: May 23rd, 2017
Status: Ongoing
SubVersion Available: Yes
Dub Version Available: Yes {recommended}

Starring: Richard Armitage, James Callis, Graham McTavish, Matt Frewer, Alejandra Reynoso

What You Need to Know:

The Story of Castlevania begins with an intrepid woman named Lisa. She wants to be a great healer. Not the type of Doctor that just blood lets or give people leeches, they type that has access to all of the knowledge that centuries had to offer. To do this she seeks out Vlad Dracula Tepes. He is fabled to be Ageless and Immortal, and in possession of secret knowledge that she wishes to possess.


Lisa Tepes.jpg
Lisa (Lisa Tepes)


She approaches the Devil in his home, though she was warned not to and with no fear. Though he is intrigued and may just as soon destroy this insolent human for the trespass.He grans her request to stay and learn from him, and in time they fall in love.


Vlad Dracula Tepes


As many years pass, we see the Townspeople of Lupia in Wallechia, are at a Witch burning in the Town Square. Lisa is tied to a Stake. She screams out in pain saying “Don’t hurt them they do not Understand!”, but this only strengthens the Bishop’s resolve. He condemns her to die because she is in league with the Devil Vlad Dracula Tepes. We find out that she actually married Him. She perishes in a burst of Flame.

Dracula knows the people have betrayed him and killed Lisa. He is set to destroy the people. We hear the Voice of Alucard (his Son Alucard Tepes) who tries to console him from the loss of his mother and Dracula’s wife, but it is too late, and the conversation ends with Bloodshed!


Alucard Tepes



Vlad Dracula Tepes appears to the people of Lupia as a Flaming Tornado. In his voice the torment that he has felt is evident and yet he gives a small modicum of mercy to the people. He gives them a year to get their affairs in order. The Churches actions have doomed the countryside, as Vlad will begin to summon his army of monsters in one years time.

What You’ll Find Out:

castlevania Trevor

Trevor Belmont

A  man (Trevor Belmont) sits drinking in a Bar as he overhears two men talking about the state of the Country of Wallechia. Demon Hordes scourging the land and destroying the towns or cities in their path. They blame the Rich, the Nobles and Especially the Belmonts! The Belmonts were a family of Monster hunters that for centuries fought the forces of evil. They fell out out favor with the Church and were Excommunicated.


What Just Happened?


A third man rushes into the Tavern and says that the Horde is on it’s way! They are in trouble, but maybe the Horde will go toward a different city. The first man curses the Houses again, and Curses the Belmonts. Trevor just says “$hi#!” he had hoped not to be recognized.

Rating: 7/10
Final Thought:
Though this is a series that is short on time and episodes, the  overall feel and the mood is that of a classic Castelvania Video game. It brought back memories of the Classic NES games and the Symphony of the Night game made years later for the PS One. The casting is spot on, and if you are aware of Graham McTavish and Richard Armitage from the Hobbit movies, it is that much sweeter to see them at odds in this story. Dracula is a frighting force, and it is a good getting the gang together season with the first four episodes. I recommend it if you like the Video games, or are looking for a short binge watch experience.

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