First Watch: Scout Comics LONG LOST #1 Goes Back to Print!

Scout Comics is proud to announce that Long Lost #1 by husband/wife team Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle has gone back to press for a second printing, and with a fantastic new cover!



LL 1 second print

Matthew Erman states, “Lisa and I are so excited and grateful to those that gave Long Lost a chance in November.  The book has already changed our lives.  We couldn’t have made a second printing without the comic shops that have supported the book, the readers that have been so vocal on social media about our strange story and the publications that have run reviews and hosted us for interviews.  We can’t wait for everyone to follow us through to the end.”


Brendan Deneen, CEO of Scout Comics, added, “The reaction to Long Lost has been amazing. We are proud to publish this comic, which is reminiscent of breakout hits like Stranger Things but is absolutely its own monster, in the best way possible.”

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