The Queen Beyond the Mirror!(Justice League of America #22 Review)

Caitlin Snow has been Cured by the Might Beyond the Mirror. Queen Tsaritsa!

justiceleagueofamerica 22.jpg

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artists: Neil Edwards
Cover Artist: Terry and Rachel Dodson
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:
The Justice League of America is just recovering from their attack by Prometheus. Caitlin emerged from the bedroom seemingly Cured of her Heat vampirism affliction. She has a vision of a frost riddled Apocalypse that she causes when her power goes out of control and is consumed by guilt and Fear. In that moment she meets Queen Tsarita, who Grants her wish, to be free of her illness.

What You’ll Find Out:

The team does not take too well to Caitlin as she tells them she was saved by making a wish. Canary chastises her based on how she first lied about the Microverse and then made a wish to the Might Beyond the mirror! Lobo of course fuels the flames, but tells them that is the reason that Batman kept Lobo around because he knew he would be helpful to face the Might Beyond the Mirror. (See JLA Annual #1)JLA22snip

Caitlin falls to the floor and from her head emerges the Queen Tsarista.


What Just Happened?
The Queen attacks and in a bit of expository storytelling she explains that both she and her sister Queen Freya were separated by a Human revolt years ago, and her sister was left to perish whilst she was banished to another realm.

“They ripped me from her in their petty revolt, The same small-minded Beasts that drove Freya to her death use my wishes for their own selfish means.”

As she attacks the Team, it is clear that she is leaving Caitlin alone. She takes care of Lobo, canary, Vixen and the Atom. and in an illuminating display shatters Happy Harbor open with Giant Energy Snakes. (I don’t write that phrase every day!)

RCO013 (2).jpg

A brief aside to the Ray in Vanity where he is fighting the Three Devils gang, who have made themselves actual Devils. Ray questions him, and he says that they wished for these appearances and powers. They goad him into an argument and he tells them that he is not leaving the city, this is where he belongs. As the Communicator for the JLA beeps the emergency beacon to no response.

The Queen takes Caitlin in her Litter and tells her that she was a creature that thrives on the fear of mortals and that Mortals have long forgotten her face. She sees her sister Freya in Caitlin and tells her that she is a creature that was invited in by the desperation of mankind. This is in the wake of The Attack of the Batmen (See Batman Metal), and every wish that she granted brought her closer to returning to this world. Her plan is to take over this world.

Vixen has heard enough and heroically she uses her Totem to tear off her own hand at the wrist.

RCO019 (1)

She sets off a large explosion! Then afterward her totem falls to the ground in a smoldering heap. It appears that Vixen has perished in the blast. The Queen states to the Team, and specifically Lobo, that “As fear of me Grows so, too will Belief in my Power.” and she explains that is how she will conquer humanity. Through this fear and the breaking of the Justice League of America.

Rating: 8/10

Final Thought: A great start to a story. I am finally glad to see the events of the Microverse and the Annual paying off. The way the stories connected (so the Annual is in DC Continuity) and they mention the events that are going on in the Batman Metal Event, is a really great way to show the scope of the DCU. Also, it’s a good device to show why Superman cannot just show up and save the day. When a writer focuses on a particular character that has either physical or psychological weakness much like Caitlin Snow, we get to examine the limits of which they are pushed or will go to obtain their goals. Caitlin is confused at the moment, but it seems that this is a great way to help her progress as a character. The Art is wonderful, and back to the classic style of the book after the fill-in art and story issues. The biggest treat is the Cover Art done by Terry and Rachel Dodson! Wowsers, I love their work!

This is the beginning of some lasting repercussions and can be the event to galvanize the mettle of these team members or to finally remove them from play. A solid read, I recommend it.

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