First Watch: DC Dominates, Marvel Slumps at 2017 Diamond Gem Awards


The 2017 Diamond Retailers Gem Awards for 2017 are out, and Marvel isn’t looking good, the comics giant only scored one award in a section that was voted on by retailers for Licensed Single Issue of the Year (Star Wars the Screaming Citadel 1) in addition to two that were not, involving market shares and whatnot.

For comparison competitor, DC Comics won 7 of the awards, from both categories of single issue of the year (under and over 3.99, Batman 24 and Doomsday Clock 1 respectively) OGN of the year (Wonder Woman Earth One by Grant Morrison) and even Publisher of the Year.

Here are the winners in all Categories as listed on Diamonds Site. I’m omitting the toy/ game awards, as this is a comic site 😉


2017 Comic Book Publisher of the Year, Over 3% -DC Comics

2017 Comic Publisher of the Year, Under 3% -Aftershock Comics

2017 Comic Book of the Year 3.99 or under- Batman #24 (DC Comics)

2017 Comic Book of the Year 3.99 or over- Doomsday Clock #1

2017 Licensed Comic of the Year- Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel #1

2017 Magazine of the Year- Heavy Metal Magazine

2017 Backlist Publisher of the Year- DC Comics

2017 Reprint TP or HC of the Year- The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan

2017 Licensed TP or HC of the Year- Batman/ TMNT vol 1 (DC/IDW)

2017 Manga TP of the Year- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess vol 1 (viz media)

2017 Manga Publisher of the Year- Viz Media

2017 Anthology of the Year- Love is Love GN (IDW)

2017 Indie Graphic Novel of the Year- My Favorite Thing is Monsters vol 1 (Fantagraphics)

2017 Trade Book of the Year- The Legend of Zelda: Arts and Artifacts HC (Dark Horse)

Best Free Comic Book Day Title- I hate Image (image comics)

2017 Best All Age Series- Ducktales (IDW)

2017 Best All Ages Original/ Reprint GN- DC Superhero Girls vol 4 (DC)

2017 Best New Comic Book Series- Redneck (Image)

2017 Original Graphic Novel of the Year- Wonder Woman Earth One


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